Do you think the expulsion of miguel torres from the ufc for tweeting a r@pe joke is fair?

Torres' career with the UFC has ended as a result of a joke he tweeted, but did his comment cross the line, or should he have been given a less severe punishment?

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Well personally I have been r*ped and find it no jokeing matter and wheather or not it was heard or seen on a tv show doesn't make it ok to joke about it and shud b punished, I don't find that the punishment was to harsh, he shud have made a better decision and to use common since not to tweet about such a matter, he is an adult and as an adult u shud b able to make better judgements on wat shud or shud not b repeated. My personal opinion though

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miguel torres should know better..i'm sure he regrets his joke..i dont think he should of been fired..other fighters have done worse and gotten warnings

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