Should a football player be penalized for displaying "Happy New Year" on his undershirt during a match?

Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills was benched for lifting his jersey to reveal the message “Happy New Year” written on his undershirt. Do you think this should rightfully be an offence, or do you think the this rule borders on ridiculous?

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Answer #1

Too be honest I agree with the rule. It doesn’t meet regulation standards that HE signed a contract for….soooooo yeah I would of benched him too.

Answer #2

It’s not about whether or not he violated a rule, it’s about whether or not this should even BE a rule.

Answer #3

Also that can be filed as over celebration…however I am a bit biased seeing he was playing against my team soooo yeah.

Answer #4

Its a rule that he signed for. And it should because if I wanted to see people doing that kind of stuff I would have gone to NY or downtown Boston. Just like everything else in this world the NFL is about business, they didn’t pay him to be a billboard for New Years they pay him to make them money for the NFL And besides they made a set rule list everyone who has a contract agreed to it and we the fans are mere customers and we technically agrre to the rules too when we buy tix or watch the channel its on.

Answer #5

What are you talking about. She said its about whether it should be a rule or not. Your going to judge it based on because of the team. “he was playing against my team”

Answer #6

Stevie Johnson is a real character and I believe he is just mocking the ridiculous ruling. Yes it’s a rule but it’s nonsense, as much of this world is. Rules are for people who can’t think for themselves and they are enforced by people who don’t want others to think for themselves.

Answer #7

I have to agree with the rule and unfortunately the example that had to be made. Although what he put on his undershirt was innocent enough in this instance….if the rule is breached it gives way to other’s who may get the idea to take what they put on their shirt and show something far more controversial. The focus should be on the sport and in that the spirit of the team. Now had the entire team did that…the outcome likely would have been different.

Answer #8

Nooo I clarified after and I said that as a joke. Chillax.

Answer #9

To an extent…But they made it a rule in the NFL for the same reason I am assuming it is for pop warner. Which is: 1. It does not meet up to the teams uniform and all players must “look equal” (exemptions include: wearing gloves long sleeves etc) and 2. Apparently people have tried it before but you can cheat?? I don’t know just reading the handbook on pop warner rules.

Answer #10

Yes I know it’s a rule. I;m just saying, it’s stupid to enforce the lifting of a t-shirt to reveal a harmless message. Sure if it was a rude or offensive message, enforce it. If it wasn’t, don’t, All I’m saying is, where is the thinking involved?

Answer #11

Well the rule, as silly as it seems, must have been put in place for a reason. Probably to prevent players from displaying profanity or otherwise potentially offensive words. It does border on ridiculous, but I support the ruling in the interest of fairness.

Answer #12

No. That’s pretty stupid…I don’t see why he should have been benched for that.

Answer #13

Yes. The NFL rules are there for a reason. Some of them are kind of stupid, but a rule is a rule. lol.

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