What do you think of that baseball player suspended for making a joke about gay people?

The guy was suspended for making a joke. I mean like they woulndt make jokes about straight people too. They are always complaining, and whinning about that, but what would have happened if a gay person would have made fun of straight people, i mean nobody can even tell im not agree with that because they get offended or what. They are always the victims.Finally the player said he feel bad about that, but clearly is forced to say that and not what he really thinks. In real life he would have said you are all whiners. What do you think?

Answer #1

the world is full of whiners, and people that complain about non issues. The same ones who claim to be offended are in the same group that are retelling the same joke over and over. .

Answer #2

Well, it could go both ways. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but as a professional it was bad on his part. I’m sure he’s gonna have a bad rep now. He was probably suspended to show sympathy for the gay people he may have offended. Maybe he wasn’t thinking at the time & is truly sorry for his mistake. It sucks being famous. Anything that comes out of your mouth is held against you 99% of the time. It sucks, but it’s true. Personally, it wouldn’t affect me, except the fact that it’s very unprofessional as people look up to this guy i’m sure. But I know many gay people that would be offended depending on the extent of the joke.

Answer #3

Politcally correct….doesn’t work…especially when your high profile and the media sytands to gain from it. LOL

Answer #4

What I never understood is why it’s ok to make fun of rednecks. They do it in movies, commercials, regular TV shows and it’s ok. But it’s wrong to make fun of pretty much every other group of people. That is a double standard.

Answer #5

I think that one should be allowed to make jokes about anybody as long as its not insulting.

I do not know about what happened there, but if the joke was aiming at homosexuality and homosexual prejudices, then I think suspending the player way right.

If however the joke was just any joke and the person the joke was about just happened to be member of a minority, then I really do not think that anyone should get punished for that. I mean, joking is a part of normal human interaction. And if you can’t make jokes about people who happen to be member of any minority, then you are basically excluding them. That is also a form of discrimination.

Answer #6

When you choose to take on a career that puts you in the public eye, you need to act in a manner that doesn’t reflect poorly on your group (in this case, the baseball team or league). Leave your jokes confined within the company of close friends where they belong, or choose a career that doesn’t put you in a position where you represent others - your jokes shouldn’t have to become theirs.

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