Which countries have held the Olympics multiple times?

Answer #1

Defo not the UK…based on last nights sham of events we defo aint done it much before…we need some more practice…it was embarrasing and i am ashamed to be English (or british as the world calls us 4 countrys who hate each other and are trying to build borders as the rest of the democratic world takes theres down).

Answer #2

actually Britain has hosted the olympics 3 times in total, more than any other country

Answer #3

How can you say that?!?!? It was amazing!! Though I didn’t know why they translated everything in French and sometimes said the French first…

Answer #4

No way?! I didn’t know that, haha thanks : )

Answer #5

3 times lol…that makes me feel worse,im emergrating.

Answer #6

The french bit got me to…but the rest of the show was cheap looking and the dancing was all out,badly rehearsed and a very boring at times event…every other one i have ever seen impressed me,but this one…sorry but thats how i feel.

Answer #7

French is the official language of the olympics, hence why the French is first

Answer #8

Well…there is always time for change,is what i say…Its about time the rest of the world learnt English instead of talking all funny lol…have you ever been away and ya got to shout at em coz they dont understand ya,its a disgrace….lol :)

Answer #9


Answer #10

Australia has hosted them twice…probably once too often! You should have been here when the second Olympics were announced. All the hoo hah that went on after that made many Australians think the 2000 Olympics should have been given to another country.

Answer #11

Bullcrap!! The Sydney 2000 Olympics was the talk of the nation and from what I have read online it was one of the best Olympics games ever held by any countries… Where did you pull the “All the hoo hah that went on after that made many Australians think the 2000 Olympics should have been given to another country” that statement is so wrong it is not even funny and you call yourself an Aussie.

Answer #12

i thought the UK did a great job. i’m glad they didnt spend a lot of money because with the economy everyone is in.there’s just no point to spend that much

Answer #13

I like how I’ve created rants on here!

Answer #14

They did spend quite a lot on it, but not as much that was spent when other countries have held the games. With the lower money the cheapness did not show! they spent the right amount on the right things. You gotta admit, the forty foot Voldemort was pretty damn cool!

Answer #15

i said i did liked it!

Answer #16

^^ agreed.

Answer #17

But this guy would av saw it and you 2 seem to have just read about it on the interdet…big difference and he gets my vote for being a lived through it geezer.

Answer #18

Badboyvibes, so the guy watched the Sydney games and assume Australians were not fond of it? Hmmm, the newspapers and information are just as valid as this guy’s opinion. Are you going to tell me those who weren’t actually at WW2 cannot have an opinion and we shouldn’t believe everything we read but just believe whatever the person who “was” alive during WW2, their information is factual?

Answer #19

I knoww :3 x

Answer #20

Well in my opinion, living in Australia at the time I think I do have a legit opinion. I never read nor heard anyone say anything negative about it. And yes that means I lived through it, I didn’t just read about it online. This is merely one man’s opinion.

Answer #21

London, the US and Greece

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