Would it be copying if I took up swimming like my brother did?

I was gonna do gymnastics after martial arts but bah. So my brother was in his school’s swim team, one of the best swimmers. Now that I finally learned swimming(don’t judge me -.-) I want to do it took but I’m worried my brother will see it like I’m trying to copy him when in reality I just want to stop swimming doggy style and do the real deal.

Answer #1

Haha.. well no, it wouldn’t be copying him. and as I dont know the relationship within you two, it actually might be better.. It isnt exactly copying, more like following his footsteps, and he might like it.. he might feel like he has inspired you to do the same.. maybe he can even teach you some of his skills and stuff. I would do it, regardless if others think it is copying.

Answer #2

Lol no. If that’s considered copying then that means your brother is copying everyone else too. Just do it.

Answer #3

If you want to do it, don’t worry about what your brother or anyone else will think. You are doing it for yourself - to better yourself at something. Don’t let anything stop you from doing that. Go for it and enjoy yourself!

Answer #4

Suppose it was the other way around and you were the older brother who had taken up swimming first… Wouldn’t he have also gone after swimming despite you having had the interest before him? You should do it because you want to.

Answer #5

Who cares?

I know that sounds pretty harsh and blunt, and I don’t mean it to be, but the point still stands - who cares if he thinks you’re “copying”? You have every right to get involved in an activity that appeals to you, regardless of whether your brother or any other family member did it first. You are your own person, with your own interests, and sometimes those interests may overlap the interests of others - that’s simply humanity. If your brother has any anxiety over it, then that’s his problem … you do what makes you happy and quit worrying about everyone else.

Answer #6

It doesn’t sound harsh, it sounds like good advice

Answer #7

no its not. if u enjoy it and want to its not.

Answer #8

This is a very common problem for any children born after the eldest child. The eldest child always gets to do things first- they get to do everything first so the other children are left with nothing that doesn’t look like copying. You wouldn’t be copying at all, swimming is a very common sport and hobby. It’s not like you randomly decides to take up curling or skeleton sleding after your brother!! Go for it, he doesn’t OWN swimming! You have 100% every right to take up whatever sport you want. Aaaaand with some practice you could be very good at it- you say your bro was on of the best in the swim team? Well you have the same genes!!

Answer #9

If you want to swim, swim. It’s your life and you only get to live it once. You’re brother will get over it.

Answer #10

besides…maybe your brother would be willing to help you out since he’s so good.

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