Can i go from a handstand into a bridge if i can't do a backbend?

I'm trying to learn how to do a front handspring but I can't do a backbend, will I end up hurting myself a lot or can I just go into it?

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Exercise your body before attempting that, if you're unable to do a bridge, I wouldn't suggest you doing that because it will only result in hurting yourself.

First practice doing a bridge by itself, when you feel your body can take on that flexing, go for it.

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You need to be able to 1. hold a bridge comfortably (not just force it) and 2. have sufficient strength in your abdomen (the same strength required to do a backbend, I guess). I've hurt myself doing it when I wasn't flexible or strong enough, lol. So believe me, BE PATIENT or you're gonna end up embarassed and in some serious pain. XD

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yeah it's easyer than a backbend in my opinion.

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Maybe, it just depends on how flexible your back is, i can but thats probably only cause i used to practice ALL THE TIME when i was in gymnastics.

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