Would you go skydiving or bungee jumping?

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Deffinatly skydiving!
Oh wow.. If you have the option your so lucky!
I would love to do that its my dream!
You can do bungee jumping when say your on holiday or something fairly cheap.. But skydiving, I think you would regret it if you didn't go!
Please take me with you! XD
(I'm joking)

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Sky diving. Bungee jumping just seems really boring to me.

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lol.. My Bro-in-law went last week but you had to be eighteen to do it. I'm definitely doing it for my eighteenth birthday! xD

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I've always wanted to skydive!

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ummm...let me think a minute....HECK NO!!!! Just call me chicken little!!!

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I'd definitely like to try both one day. I think I'd rather skydive, though. Looks scary, but also really fun!

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Both of course!! I'm trying to talk my boyfriend into it but you know guys such pusses. ;)

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Neither, I'm afraid of heights

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I wouldn't do either because I am afraid of flying and heights ;)

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I'm with you on that

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i would do skydiveing :)

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Nope hahah I wouldn't do either.

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I'd prefer to go skydiving. It feels more like flying. Bungee jumping looks painful.

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Im not sure I could. But being from New Zealand, I feel like Im supposed to go bungee jumping.

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I have already skydived about 6 or 7 times and would do it again, but will never bungee jump. You can control a parachute, but not a bungie cord.

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I get faint just walking down the stairs.

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Im terrified of heights but I wanna try both:D

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Awh, c'mon guys it's only 10,000ft in the air. ^.^

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Heck yea!!! I've been bugee jumping and I have plans to go skydiving on my 15th birthday<3(:

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skydiving is the best thing there is out there

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