Does anyone know where the name "golf" came from?

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"Golf" as a name for what? The sport? There is a VW car series named Golf. Or do you mean as a name for a person?

-The name for the sport probably derives from the Dutch word "kolv" which means "bat" or "racket".

- The German word "Golf" translates "gulf" to English. I thing that's where the cars name is from. VW used to name cars after landscapes and winds, like "Passat" or "Bora" or "Scirocco".

- The syllable "olf" is part of many germanic names. It's from "wolf". So "Golf" as a persons name could be an abbreviation of "Ingolf","Hergolf", "Radgolf" or "Aigolf".

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Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden. - is an urban legend. . . It probably is derived from the scottish word Gouf.

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good already answer correctly

Northern chicago

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