How can I feel confident about my game?

I recently joined my schools basketball team. This is the first time playing basketball in my whole life! It’s not that I am unathletic or anything, because I am. I play soccer, I swim, I play volleyball and I run trackand I am very skilled and good at those sports. But,for some reason, I just have never cared for this sport and I just do NOT understand it. Depsite all those things, I decided to join this year, which was a VERY big mistake. I mean, I thnk that I am OKAY for a beginner because during my very first game, I scored a lay-up. But my first home game is this Monday. I am SO nervous because my boyfriend (who is INSANELY good at basketball) wants to come watch and his friends are coming. I really do not want him to come watch me suck. :( I am afraid that he’ll be embarressed by my terrible skills. I know that I shouldn’t feel this way, and I know that I shouldn’t care what people think of me, but that is just hard to avoid these days. Any tips on how I can overcome this fear? I am so nervous, my stomach is in knots and everything. :(

Answer #1

practice practice practice! Ask your boyfriend to give you some pointers. He won’t be embarrassed, unless he’s a total jerk. It’s your first game ever so he should understand that. You can’t expect to be automatically awesome at a sport you’re trying out for the first time. I hope you win your first game, try not to be too nervous! :)

Answer #2

Ok thanks! :) Yes, I know. I know that if he really loves me, he should love me through the good and the embarresing. Haha! But I just can’t shake that feeling.. :/ I feel because he is SO good at that sport, that I should match up to that! :( And I know that is so wrong, I just do not know what the heck to do!

Answer #3

Well I agree with Kahili…. but theres something else too. You said you are good at soccer? Well when you are in the middle of a soccer game do you get really into it and give like 110%? Well try to do that with the basketball game too. If you get really into it then you wont be worrying about him in the stands. Focus on the game and what you are doing, not what people think about what youre doing. I never want people to come watch me at any sport (basketball, tennis, softball) and knowing they are coming I will feel the same way you do even though I have been playing the sports for years. The only way I get over the fear/anxious/nervous feeling is to focus on the game. It works for me, so hopefully itll help you too. And you already know your boyfriend will still care about you regardless of your basketball skills, so dont worry and just go have fun :)

Answer #4

Haha, ok thanks! (:

Answer #5

remember in 100 years how will care or remember

Answer #6

And what have you done with your life that will be remembered in a hundred years? I expect not very much except propagate. Hopefully your offspring inherited more of their mothers’ genes.

Answer #7

go to field and watch others play create your own tactics which can improve your performance and confidence in your game

Answer #8

You work hard at it everyday. Practice on the court as an individual & with the team. Do not pay any attention to negativity & distance yourself from negative people. As far away from them as possible. Encourage yourself to do well & at excel at whatever it is that you do, on & off of the court.

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