What's your favorite AR-style rifle that shoots .22LR?

I have been looking really hard at the Rugar SR-22 semi auto rifle. I got to shoot my friends custom built AR that shoots a .223, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. I just don’t want to spend that much on the rifle or on the ammo. So I was thinking one of the .22LR varieties. From reviews I have read the SR-22 looks pretty good. It has the Rugar 10/22 action basically put onto an AR frame. Anyone have one of the SR-22’s or any of the AR that shoot .22LR?

Answer #1

I like anything that RUGER makes. They stand behind their products with excellent customer service (even though it’s a slim chance you have any trouble whatsoever) Buy a Ruger and it’s sure to be of good quality, plus all their products are American made and they provide jobs. Go with a Ruger.

Answer #2

the smith and wesson m+p 15- sold alot of them when i was at gander- never heard any complaints.

Answer #3

Also, ruger takes extra steps in the interest of safety. Every new gun comes with a trigger / action lock, instruction manual and many come with a locking case. Some older model ruger firearms that were made before certain safety features were availiable on the weapon itself, well, ruger will upgrade it for you free of charge with or without a reciept no questions asked. Ruger is a very responsible company in my opinion that has committment way beyond just making a profit. They even offer free training and safety classes to their customers. (If you live near or want to travel to one of their only two facilities located in the U.S.)

Answer #4

I was actually just looking at the M&P 15-22 at the gun store down the road on my lunch break. He said the same thing. I thinking I’m leaning more that way since its closer to a true AR than the Ruger SR22

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