Mom won't let me eat?

So, my mom rarely buys groceries because she rarely eats. Right now, the only foo we have needs to be cooked on a stove or in an oven. We have no snacks or microwavable food. And we’re remodeling our kitchen and right now we only have a microwave. my mom won’t let me walk half a mile to the store and buy lunch with MY MONEY. She normally lets me. I go with my 12 year old sister and we get teriyaki. But for some reason she won’t let me and I’m really hungry. I’m starting to feel sick because I’ve basically only been eating 2 really small meals a day. I’m homeschooled so I can’t have lunch at school. It didn’t make any sense because it would be my money spent. And when I asked her, she was like “Mhmm, no.” with this bitchy attitude. She’s been like that a lot lately.

Answer #1

Your mum eats enough to have maintained her health sufficiently to raise her children thus far. In my opinion, that almost certainly means she provides herself and her family with an adequate quantity of food, rather than the obscenely excessive amounts routinely eaten by the majority of the western world - many of whom are consequently now morbidly obese.

You HAVE food in the house, and “snacks” ….. (which are merely small amounts of food typically eaten between larger amounts called “meals”) ….. are therefore available to you - if you just choose to eat the accessible food you HAVE got in small enough portions.

Most things that “… needs to be cooked on a stove or in an oven…” can, in fact, also be cooked in a microwave including:

(a) staple carbohydrates (e.g. potatoes; rice; pasta); (b) most (if not all) vegetables, many of which are in any case more healthy when eaten raw, usually taste better, and remain healthier, when cooked in a microwave rather than on a stove or in a conventional oven; (c) major protein groups: fish; chicken; mincemeat; pulse vegetables (peas; beans), are in the worst case scenario cooked adequately in a microwave, and can even be excellent when microwaved.

Good grief, you are an intelligent human being - who has already reached an age at which, not much more than a few centuries ago, you might have been raising and feeding your own children - and managing to do that before “microwaves” and other instantly accessible electrical goods had even been invented.

I really don’t know what you’ve got to complain about to be honest. Strewth, even the dumbest of wild animals can manage to feed themselves without “microwave food”; stoves; ovens; and neatly packaged snacks from the supermarket.

Answer #2

I’m pretty sure she just wants you to eat whatever is at home instead of going out to buy food… There must be something you can cook up.

Answer #3

try to talk her into buying healthy foods to snack on or fruit its weird that you have no fruit? we like always have fruit maybe shes trying to get you to eat healthy or not as much but try to get her to buy fruit(: and healthy snacks its good to snake on food threw out the day

Answer #4

That is horrible! If it is your money, she should have NO say. If she is not letting you eat to the point of dizziness, you NEED HELP and she needs to go to a psyco house. THIS COULD BE CONSIDERED CHILD NEGLECT!

Answer #5

No, don’t worry it’s not that bad. She normally doesn’t keep me from eating. it was mostly just because the kitchen was being remodeled. It’s not much of a long term problem. I do wish we had more food, but now that no one’s working on the kitchen I can eat.

Answer #6

That’s what I’ve been trying to do. It’s starting to work. Last time we went grocery shopping she bought mini oranges and bananas.

Answer #7

This is actually only a fraction of the story. I was physically unable to get to where the food was and had been all day. And just because my mom isn’t bed ridden or dead from lack of food does NOT mean that she’s eating enough. All she ever has is potato chips and coffee. Sometimes cookies and sometimes fast food. Personally, I feel really gross if I eat fast food on a regular basis. And please don’t tell me what a “meal” and a “snack” are. I’m not an idiot. I’m 14, but I’m in 11th grade, not a kindergartner. So if you’d kindly respect my intelligence I would be quite grateful.

Answer #8

I had to wait until nearly 11:00pm before I could eat. That’s when they took a break on the kitchen. At least the problem is solved now.

Answer #9

phew… I thought you would starve to death! :|

Answer #10

Haha! It’s all good.She is a little crazy though. The doc is trying to diagnose her. She needs to be on meds. I’m going to start living with my dad and going to my mom’s on the weekends instead of vise versa like it is now. :)

Answer #11

“… please don’t tell me what a “meal” and a “snack” are. I’m not an idiot. …” I know you are not, but I was simply responding to the contradictory information that YOU provided: by saying that “… Right now, the only food we have needs to be cooked on a stove or in an oven. We have no snacks or microwavable food. …”. You did nothing to indicate that there was in fact NO ACCESSIBLE FOOD WHATSOEVER available to you. I did not mean to offend you, and if I did I am sorry. Anyhow the further information that you have now posted “…I’m going to start living with my dad and going to my mom’s on the weekends instead of vice versa …” suggests that you have found a practical solution already, and I am pleased to hear that. Good luck. I hope it works out well for you.

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