My cat keeps peeing on everything?

Ok so weve had my cat for four years and hes been a pretty good cat but latley hes been peeing on everything. He has peed on all our chairs so we threw them away and now he keeps peeing on our couch. i dont know what do to to make him stop? his cat litters always clean so thats not the case and our house is always clean cause i clean it everyday hes also our only pet so it cant be that hes trying to be dominant or anything. my brother thought it might be that we dont give him enough attention but thats not the case either cause we do. and he peed on the couch today so my dad told me to rub his nose in it which i did but i dont know what else to do to make him stop or have any idea to why hes doing it?

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Is he fixed? There could be a cat outside in heat, any new neigbors in your area that may have a female cat? Best way to stop them is to get them fixed, let me add that that won't guarantee it stoppin but it is the most successful method

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Ya he's fixed and he's a indoors cat he's never been outside he's scared to go outside haha

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Wow I'm at a loss as to what it could be

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same here haha hopefully he stops cause i dont wanna have to get rid of him, but thanks anyways.

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One of the most common causes for a neutered, trained cat to start peeing outside of the litter box is a urinary tract infection. You may want to get him into the vet as soon as possible to rule this out, as UTI's in cats are often fatal.

That aside, any little change in his normal routine can cause him to act out. Have you rearranged the furniture? Changed his cat food? Altered your own schedule in any way? Changes that may be subtle to you can be devastating to him.

One thing you need to do is use an enzyme cleaner to remove the scent of his urine from all the places he has peed, or he won't stop doing it. His sense of smell is a lot more delicate than ours and he can smell his urine even if you've scrubbed the area clean several times. An enzyme cleaner will break down that odour.

Consider getting a second litter box. Cats are fickle creatures and, out of the blue, decide that they don't want to pee where they poop ... having two litter boxes may alleviate the problem.

Where is his food in relation to the litter boxes? Just like people, cats don't want to void where they eat ... make sure the food and litter are a good distance away from each other.

You may need to re-train him, but rubbing his nose in it is not the correct way - he's a cat, not a dog, and you can't use the same tactics. If you see him peeing on something, immediately grab him and set him in his litter box. If you must, quarantine him in one room until you've cleaned the urine traces from the rest of the house.

If all else fails, talk to your vet about the situation and he may be able to offer you some resources. Cats don't do this to be purposely annoying - he is trying to tell you something is wrong.

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Thank you that helps alot I will tell my dad today n see what we can do

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My cat did the same thing and it was a UTI

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My cat did the same thing and it was a UTI

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My cat pee'd everywhere after we moved.

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