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Are hedgehogs legal pets in australia?

I am looking into geting a hedgehog as a pet, are they legal in queensland australia?


Is it normal for my puppy to make noises while sleeping?

Hi I was watching tv as well as my puppie and she was sleeping I heard a sound first thought it was my TV but felt the sound from tv was off from what I heard so looked watched my puppie heard a sound again it was coming from her while she was sleeping...


Which is better, a purebred or a mixed dog?

All around, which kind of dog is better and why? I heard mixes are better 'cause they can fight off diseases better, but I'm not sure if that's true. Is it?

I'd rather get a mix, but that's just me.


Is my rabbit pregnant?

my rabbits got out and I went to feed them and I noticed that they were matin so I put my rabbits back in the pen as fast as I could so they could not mate any more how do I know if my rabbit is pregnant before she has her babies caus I want to b able...


Outside cat having kittens

Our cat has been pregnant with a large stomache at least out to the sides, now today I noticed her stomach is not as large, do cats stomaches "fall" like humans when the kittens are ready to be born? her nipples are large but no milk has come out. ho...

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What are some reasons why animals shouldnt be tested on?

I dont think so! I want to know what you think? Also reasons why they shouldn't. Or if you belive strongly they should tell me why? What do you think and why?


Please help me, I don't think I have much time.

The other day I bought 500 meal worms for my bearded dragons for the first time, my smaller one, Auma pratically inhaled them, and now I regret letting her eat them, they both threw all of the meal worms up and now Auma is practically on her death bran...


Why does my puppy bite at the cage door when its closing?

He just recently started doing that. He has always been really good about going in his cage but after a while he started barking at it and biting it.


What kind of dog should I get?

What kind of dog should I get? We have an almost 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, and he is very playful and fun, yet needs a LOT of attention! My family is thinking about getting another dog, but we don't know what kind! We don't want to get a golden ...


Equine fly problem

What is the best supplement to get rid of flys around horses?


How long after dogs milk dries up does she go into heat?

My dogs milk just dryed up after having puppies, can she get pregnant right after? How long after dogs milk dries up, will she go into heat? I wondering if my dog is in heat cause my male dog keeps trying to mount her as if she is in heat.


Favourite dog breed?

What are your favourite breeds of dog??

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why did my 10 yr old dogs eyes roll back in her head and stay ?

my 10 yr old king charles cavalier female dog eyes rolled back in her head and stayed there. this happened before. it lasted 2 days and is still not totally normal but is starting to come back. she comes when I call her name. she eats too. she has had ...


Pregant yorkie, is it normal to be sick before birth

My yorkie is pregnant, it was 60days friday 31st october so she should be due any day, she has been nesting, her boobs are swollen, she is off her food. she has just been sick a yellowy fluid twice in last half hour and is now laying in her bed. is it ...


Can a dog lactate even if not pregnant?

is it possible for a dog to lactate even if they're not pregnant?

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Desperate to go outside

About two years ago I caught a stray cat living in a development close to me. He's very sweet, and I'm very happy I have him. However, he always wants to be outside. He gets crazy, to the point where he won't let people pet him or anything, he just wan...


My dog is having puppies

Shes a 2yr old golden lab, how many pups do they have???
And what am I spose to do when she starts going in2 labour???
Do I rush her to a vet???


Why is my cat's nose dry and why is he wheezing a lot?

For the past 2 months, my bengal cat, Gambit, has had a really dry and crusty nose. It seems to have build up along his nostrils and I clean it every other day. I also noticed that whenever I play with him, he starts wheezing and breathing rapidly. ...


Why don't these stupid backyard breeders spay/neuter their dogs?

There's a reason why dog breeding should be left to experts who show their dogs and know what they're doing!

Backyard breeders are ruining great breeds! Golden Retrievers, Labs, German Shepherds, etc., are definitely not what they should be because ...


Hamster making noises all the time

we got a new hamster today, and its makin really loud violent hissing/squeaking noises all the time it never shuts up can someone tell me why?


I just got my puppy a week ago and don't know what to do

I just got my puppy a week ago and all the researching and reading has gone through the roof. I am totally lost and don't know where to start training him. He started out with biting and I would say no and he still continued to bite and now when I ...


How do vets treat Parvo?

my puppy is going in to the vet in the am, but I would like to know how they treat parvo?can anyone tell me what they do?


Is it too late to potty train a 5 or 6 year old dog?

My dog is 5 or 6 years old. Is it too late to potty train her???


Molly Fish Lump/Bump

One of our Mollies has developed a lump on the side (photo attached). We have no idea what it is or what to do. We have separated her from the rest of the aquarium and population. Here is what led up to this:

-She had two pregnancies in the last 3 m...


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