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Are hamsters meant to be so hyper! :P

My hamster is always hyper, is it normal? I guess you can say she is still a baby because she isn't even a year old yet. I don't feed her things I shouldn't, I only give her hamster food and some hamster it normal?


How long after dogs milk dries up does she go into heat?

My dogs milk just dryed up after having puppies, can she get pregnant right after? How long after dogs milk dries up, will she go into heat? I wondering if my dog is in heat cause my male dog keeps trying to mount her as if she is in heat.


Help my dog is going to kill my new puppy!

So my american bulldog, ruby, is a little over a year old. we introduced a new american bulldog puppy to our home just yesterday. I have read several times that the dominate dog, which in this case is ruby, will express there dominance through aggre...


How to lead my dogs to mate?

I believe my dog is in heat her vagina is swollen,but my male isn't showing any interest in mating.What can I do since I really would love some puppies from them?

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If my dog has parvo, is he going to die or does he have a chance to live?

My pupy has this disease called parvo, we noticed it on friday when he started throwing up fluids and not eating his food & took him in on Sunday morning to the vet. They took care of him, and gave us good news at first that he was doing well, but on T...


Why are my cats all of a sudden being so territorial?

I have 4 cats and 3 of them have been fighting like CRAZY lately. They have been around each other for over 5 years now and all of a sudden they have been attacking each other almost daily. And I'm not talking about a little hiss and a swat, they are f...


Why does my dog keep bringing me her newborn puppies?

she just had the puppies not even 3 days ago, and I fear that if she keeps bringing me the puppies that they wont eat she usually does this at night time around the time I went to bed before she was pregnant


My Kitty Is Puking A LOT

My cat has been puking once every few days for the past week, more often than she usually does. I came home from work today ... and her fur on her chest was stained with green. After I cleaned her up I found her puke on the carpet. It was a dark g...


Would it hurt to feed a black widow chicken?

My boyfriend walked by a black widow's web in the garage, and put a small piece of chicken in the web. The spider (I call it Colonel Saunders -CS for short) dove for the chicken, spun a web around it, and started eating it.. I was so fascinated that I ...


ASPCA commercial makes me cry

what is wrong with people,every night I see that aspca commercial, and it makes me cry every time, what can I do (we do) to help??? please help the poor animals!!!


Male cat after neutering...

Does anyone know if a male cat's personality will change if he's neutered? We have a very sweet male cat, about 6 months old, and we're getting ready to get him fixed this week. I worry that he'll come back different.


Are cockatiels sold in Petsmarts in or near Auburn, WA?

I want to purchase a cockatiel because I cannot find a nearby breeder.


Is three dogs too many?

Right now I have two dogs. A seven year old australian shepard and a six year old corgi mix. My friends dog had puppies, and I think I'll get one. I have a big yard and can afford vet care. Will I be able to give the third dog enough attention and love...


How to make my cat stay at home?

I have a black,male cat and he was tamed feral cat. I love him but recently he did not stay at my home. I found him few blocks away from my home but he just keep disappear when I took him home. I try many things to make him stay but failed. My friends ...


my dog has been throwing up today and is very restless.

I am very worried cause it is midnight and no vet is open. he is about three years old and is like my own child. he has been a very healty dog so for. has never had to go to vet for anything like this before. he is an inside dog but today we let him e...


How do I know if my Parakeet will lay eggs?

how do I have my parakeet lay eggs? I have a male and if she dose lay eggs what should I do? how do I tell if she is going to lay eggs?


A Cat's labour calling?

when your cat is in labor and shes "calling" you, Is it short simple meows or loud yaowling?


My dog is always scratching and licking.

What can be done our dog is always scratching no fleas. She is a chihuahua and always smacking and licking her face.

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Corn snake has stopped feeding?

My corn is approx 3 years old and feeds well normally but has stopped feeding and hasn't had a mouse since the end of April.It still looks fit as a fiddle but doesn't eat.It has also got a bit twitchy in it's cage.Any ideas?


At what age do you start adult dog food

When or what age should you start feeding your puppy adult food?
We give my 8 month old pup Iam proactive Smart puppy health food. But im really into the naturaul stuff, but I can only find natrual dog food for adult dogs. When can I feed him adult do...


Why is my older dog humping our puppy?

We have a 1 1/2 year old Sheltie. Thinking he needed a friend, we purchased an 11 month old male. The first day was horrible. Our older, Dale, is completely obsessed with the puppy and trys to hump him constantly. Today Dale even pinned him and att...


kitten with possible worms

I took my kitten to the vets on monday and the vet said he has worms so he wormed him but no worms have come out and he is very long will it take and could it be something else?


Age animals need to be to get fixed ?

I want to get my cat fixed ( we didn't for our other cat , she had about 9 litters o.o ) , I want to get it done as soon as possible so she can go outside and play , what age does she need to be to get it done ? Thanks ! - kaytee :)


How can you get rid of puppy dandruff?

My puppy has dandruff. I'm just wondering what kind of shampoo do you need to use to get rid of the dandruff on him. If there is any shampoo for dogs that can get rid of the dandruff?

And I've been washing home. But the dandruff on him still wont g...


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