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What fun things can you do while babysitting your cousin?

my aunty is pregnant and for her birthday got a get away weekend 4 2, she is bringin her husband and can't bring her child even tho he is born she is 6 months pregnant and wants me 2 babysit 4 her when the child is born, only thing is I havnt done it b...

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What are fun things to do with my son?

what are fun things to do with my 14 year old son. Need to get him away from 360 and t.v.


baby morphing

does anyone know how to morph pictures so I could see what my baby would look like I tried it & didnt know how to do it


What do I do my son's 8th birthday?

My youngest son will be 8 on October 31st. He's always hated his birthday for many reasons.

1) It's on Halloween, so every 7th year he gets to here about how horrible the night is.

2) He's tired of being called a "devil baby" by ignorant Christian fa...


What to get an anti-social 16yr old girl who loves horses & anime?

My friends daughter is turning 16 and I'm at a loss. I know I can get her cash or a gift card but I'd like something more unique and personal but much of the horse or anime stuff I see seems to be for MUCH younger kids. She is an extremely intellegent...

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At what age can you choose where you want to live

Ok so my mother and I don't really get along and a friend of mine told me that I can choose if I want to live with her or my dad with out having to have her consent. I just want to know if that's true.

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what are other words for beautiful?

im doing a project and I am writing the word beautiful in my paragraph, but my teacher hates when we use the word beautiful, so I need a list of words to use instead of beautiful, please...thanks


How long should children wear diapers?

How long should children wear diapers?


Why do I want a daughter so badly?

I've always craved for a baby since I was about 15. I know having children is going to happen for me someday but I always imagine myself having a daughter .. Never a son. I'm a baby person and even have names picked already. I'm prepared to have a girl...


How to deal with my daughter and her loser boyfriend?

My daughter had everything going for her, career, great life, etc. and then she ended up with a loser boyfriend that I hate and she has given up on all of her goals & dreams. How does one deal with that??? It's like your watching from behind glass and...


How do I fill a Waterbaby doll?

How do I fill a Waterbaby doll?

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what are the chances?

I doubt anyone would know this but here goes. the chances of having a left-handed child with right-handed parents is 1 in 50 (2%). me and my uncle are both left-handed and have right-handed parents. I know, what are the chances? no seriously, what are ...


Why can't I ask a four year old "Why?"?

My nephew has a habit of stomping on EVERYTHING. Flowers, other people's belongings, cute little animals he'd JUST been playing with (last one was a baby frog), etc...
When I stop to ask him why he did it (with a smile), his father tells me not to. ...


Women Only Who Have Kids

I have a question for women who have kids already I have a one year old son and when I had him I did not feel that conection right away I just and still to this day I dont feel it I think how my life was before the baby and I was just wondering dose th...


Why do I feel so sad about my son growing up?

My son moved to his fathers when he turned 12...I was heart broken but didnt want him to resent me later so I let him go. He is now soon to be 16 and lives 45min away with his father and has just recently gotten himself girl friend one would think id...


What causes warts in children?

My 2 year old son has a wart on his nose it just seemed to appear one day anyone know wot causes them and how I can get rid of it?


What we do with our self-destructive stepdaughter?

Hello. I really need some advice. I’ve been married for 5 years. No kids. My husband divorced his ex-wife 12 years ago when my stepdaughter Kim was 8. His ex-wife got custody. My husband stayed around. But in the years following the divorce, Ki...


my teen daughter does not love me

It is a bit complicated because I am divorced and my 14 yr. old daughter goes back and forth between my house and her fathers. Right now it appears that she loves her dad more because he is not in her business as much. So now she wants to move to her...


Names for a girl?

Ok just found out yesterday that im having a baby girl and need names that will go with nicole her middle name is going to be nicole and I cant seem to find a first name to go with is help me please

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Who is CPS to tell anyone how to raise a child?

I'm amazed at how naive people are concerning child abuse. Most think abuse is totally related to what the child has received in punishment. What about the intentions behind the one giving a child a spanking, whipping, etc? Was the father, with good mo...


What do you think of these baby names?

What does everyone think about...



I'm almost seven months pregnant, and I'm kinda nervous because we have a couple names in line...but we just keep coming up with more good ones! lol How do I chooose? haha.

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Do you know easy dinner ideas for a picky five year old?

Anybody got any easy dinner ideas for a picky five year old? It seems like if we go out of our way to make it "fun" he likes to eat dinner better, but he's very stubborn about trying new things. My older son is great, it's just the younger one we have ...


What are your thoughts on putting leashes on your children when out in public?

I personally think it's very wrong and quite disturbing to see any child on a leash. It just shows you have no control of you child.


What to do while babysitting a 4 year old boy

Hi everyone!

So, my mom lined up a babysitting job for me today for sometime this week, and I need some advice.
Usually I babysit kids in like 2nd through 5th grade (mostly 3rd and 4th graders).
When I asked my mom how old the kid was, she said 4 ...


I lost my son

so im sure everyone knows that I was pregnant with a lil girl and a lil boy. last night I went to the doctors and they said my son wasnt getting enought food and blood that he didnt make it he passed away in my woomb and im really stressed out now. lik...


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