Do you think the cookie monster is a good role model for kids to look up to?

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No, I always liked the Swedish Chef better... lol !!

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I think he WAS. When parents got concerned about childhood obesity and the Cookie Monster's influence on them, they changed him to "Veggie Monster". It has it's positive and negative side though. The positive? It influences children to eat healthy and stay fit. The negative? They are so used to seeing the "Cookie Monster" and that is the image that will stick into kids mind. Afterall, they are kids and would pretty much choose the cookie monster over the veggie. If they created a new monster, that would have been in my opinion more beneficial.
The cookie monster was known for his love of cookies and that was why it had so many kids interested in him. He cant be changed. Changing him won't make the kids forget. I wouldn't say he's a role model. Changing him changed the classic way of Sesame Street. His cookie obsession, won't make children want to eat a dozen cookies. It's mainly ads that inspire children to. Kids are always going to want junk food, be it cookies or chips. Therefore, I think he's fun but wouldn't say his a role model. That's just what I think :-)

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cookie- I forgot all about the child obesity issues, you are very right... you make some very solid points !!

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Thank you :-)

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This is the dumbest debate in all of history!!! I've seen this one the news more than once and the bottom line is that the cookie monster isn't a roll model at all. If you don't want your children eating tons of junk food simply don't provide them with any. It’s up to us as parents to control what our children eat as well as teach them good eating and social habits. The cookie monster is guilty of gluttony and while it is funny if you don't like it teach your child otherwise. Essentially you are their first teacher, how about you take action instead of leaving them in front of the TV America.

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I agree with this. It's ridiculous that they would rather change the cookie monster to the veggie monster than actually just tell the parents to stop being bad parents and feed their children junk.

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He never seemed to put weight on though do u think he ate other foods or just cookies? I dont think all those cookies done him any harm, do you?

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All he ever ate was cookies, but hen never gained weight because he's a puppet. Puppets don't have internal systems, and the show isn't going to put more stuffing in him to make him look more fluffy just for that. Although, if they did, maybe they wouldn't have to change him. Just make him bigger and bigger, and then make him die of nutritional deprivation and/or diabetes.


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...the parents aren't the ones watching the show. If the parents are bad parents it's not because they don't know that certain things are bad for their kids, it's usually because they don't care. The key is to get the kids to make good decisions for themselves, and if having a veggie monster will do that, then fine. Someone said that the cookie monster has always been that, and even changing it to the veggie monster only reminds them of the cookie monster, but new generations of kids are popping out every year, and those ones won't know the cookie monster: the veggie one just might have an effect on them. Probably not, but it couldn't hurt.
Kids that are watching Sesame Street have two teaching inputs. It's their parents and the show. One is more entertaining, more colorful, and probably spends more time with them.

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I don't think there is nothing wrong with it, my little cousin grew up seeing him all his life, he does not stuff cookies into his mouth like he does.
Cookie monster is just a chanracter to make kids laught and enjoy the show that'a all.

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But the parents are the ones controlling the kids watching the show. And almost everyone knows these days that junk food is bad for you and cookies everyday is also bad for you. It's ridiculous that parents are always trying to find an excuse on why they can't raise their kids properly and now the cookie monster gets the blame? The point is they should stop stuffing their kids full of nonsense and then the cookie monster will be what it really is, a harmless muppet.

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That's the problem right there! Parents aren't what they should be half the time anymore. And almost everyone might know that junk food is bad for you, but not everyone does. Don't get me wrong, I used to love cookie monster, and when I see him now, I still usually let out a girlish squeal, to be honest. But when we're talking about the kids, I know what bad parenting is like, and I know how detrimental it can be when you're not taught something that turns out to be "common sense."

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yeh it makes them outgoing=]

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