What did you believe in most- Santa, Easter bunny or Tooth fairy?

Answer #1

deffinatly santa.my parents did a great job at making him seem so real :)

Answer #2

Santa. Santa and Christmas were both usually held high while I was growing up. All of the movies, songs, and times you’d see a Santa on the street can’t be compared to by all the other characters out there. xD Parents, television and all other resources make a kid believe a lot.

Answer #3

All of them for a while.

Answer #4

I used to believe in Santa the most, considering I knew a oversized bunny was too good to be true, I found my ‘important’ baby teeth that I gave to the ‘tooth fairy’. However, my Santa beliefs ended when I SAW my mother and father putting gifts under the tree and dining on cookies and milk ;) xD

Answer #5

Definitely Santa. I don’t know about you, but when I did find out the truth, I sure kept my mouth shut, didn’t want to run into the possibility of not getting any Santa presents. : )

Answer #6

I believed in all of them a lot.

Answer #7

Santa, the tooth fairy is th stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of the Easter bunny used to scare the crap out of me

Answer #8

How is the tooth fairy more stupid than santa? An obese guy with flying reindeer that comes down your chimney and gives each of the billions of children on the planet a present in one night, eating a mince pie/cookie etc. from each house yet never getting full, as opposed to a fairy that knows when you’ve lost a tooth and brings you a bit of money, maybe a note and leaves a trail of glitter.. They both sound ridiculous to me, but how is Santa more believable?

Answer #9

Tooth Fairy! I got a note for my first tooth, and whenever she came there’d be a trail of glitter from my pillow to the window which would be slightly open. I never had any reason to doubt her. I lost faith in Santa when I found all my christmas presents BEFORE christmas, and I knew Santa wouldn’t have come early.. And the Easter Bunny was never big in my house. I’ve never believed in it

Answer #10

Um that is my opinion thank you very much no need to bombard me with background info or ur own opinion.

Answer #11

Um just asking how the tooth fairy is stupid compared to a fat old guy?

Answer #12

It depends on the kid, plus there are several different forms of the story of Santa claus where he actually is not just a fat guy coming down the chimney not everyone grows up thinking that about him, where areas there are only a few versions of the tooth fairy that include the same background basics and the same ideas which sound ridiculous compared to other realistic versions of santa. So there u have it

Answer #13

The toothfairy until my parents forgot to take the tooth one day

Answer #14

Its kind of insulting for you to say the tooth fairy is the stupidest thing you have ever heard of. I never believed in santa, so I could say the same thing about that.

Answer #15

The tooth fairy. She would always leave me money and a new toothbrush. Also, in my house there was a chocolate fairy, who would sometimes leave chocolate on your pillow. I thought she was kind of the anti-tooth fairy! I never actually believed in Santa. The major giveaway was all the presents under everyones trees before christmas. My mum was very good, and the presents would all turn up magically on christmas eve sometime, but everybody elses presents showed up as soon as they had been bought. I was a very suspicious child, and it only got worse when I learned to read. None of the presents said they were from Santa.

Answer #16

Doesn’t the fact that there is less variants of the story make it more believable? Knowing that there are loads of different Santas made me think “well if he’s real, then wouldn’t he be the same everywhere?” It’s like if there was a variant of Jesus being an obese guy with dreadlocks that had a magic wand no one would believe in him ‘cause why would there be two completely contrasting versions of the same person? It’s mad.

Answer #17

Every single one. I’m catholic so the Easter bunny was a way of getting me slightly interested in easter, Mum and dad’s parents both didn’t really do santa so mum and dad went all out for me and my little sister. And the tooth fairy?? Well it’s just sooooooooo niiiiiice

Answer #18

I never really believed in the Easter Bunny,… dont know why though! I believed in the toothfairy until I swallowed one of my teeth while eating a sandwitch, my mom said well, I guess I cant give you money for that one. I always believed in Santa and my sister tried to tell me she threw him out the door once, I was so sad! But I still tell my neices and nephew that Santa is real and they believe me, they are 11, 9 and 9 and I think it just adds to their childhood(keeps them young) and gives them something to believe in.

Answer #19

well, santa, i still wish he was real (:

Answer #20

easter bunny for sure, my mum had the idea to put foot prints made of flour throughout the house :)

Answer #21

I never believed in any of that lol I’m a Christian so my mom and dad didn’t want to tell me they were real and then when I get older tell me the truth that theyre not real because they thought I might stop believing in God too. But they would always joke around and be like Santa Clause is coming or here comes the Easter bunny and stuff about the tooth fairy lol so yeah now I’m 14. Haha :)

Answer #22

Santa!!!! the tooth fairy was always fake to me… and the easter bunny……

Answer #23

deff. the tooth fairy.

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