Is it sanitary for a 2year old and a 3month old to use the same spoons?

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if ther related than its fine they have the same germs any way.

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I mean if it is like a one time thing or on occasion, well I dont think it is harmful. But kids do get sick a lot and 2 year olds have built up a stronger immune systems than 3 month olds. I wouldn't do it on a regular basis.

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That's not true... Just because you're related to someone doesn't mean you have the same illnesses as them...

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if ther healthy its perfectally fine

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Are they using them one after the other without washing them? It probably won't do a lot of harm, but there is a chance that the two year old could give something to the three month old that didn't make the two year old one sick. It's probably better to have them use separate spoons, or wash them between uses.

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But you don't know if it will affect one and not the other. The two year old could be carrying a virus that doesn't affect them. The three month old is more prone to catching things and sharing spoons will make it far more likely the three month old will catch it.

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They can use the same spoons, but not at the same time. You need to be feeding them with seperate spoons when you feed them and not putting the same spoon in both of their mouths. Children spread germs and get sick very very easily.

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As long as it has been thorougly washed then i would say that is fine but it depends on alot of factors really. For example, is the 2 year old suffering from any illness at the moment that can be contagious? If he is, then i would say no, do not let them share the same spoon as a precautionary measure. Then again, it also depends if the 3 month old is still being breast fed. If she is then she will be protected by her mother's antibodies and her level of immunity to some dieases will be high. However, if she isn't then she will be more susceptible to illness. I think you have to remember anyway that both of the children will still have developing immune systems yet the 3 month old even more so which is why you have to be careful. So, if the 2 year old is pretty healthy and not suffering from any illness, i'd say that's okay and just to wash it.

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yeah we wash them
but its okay though right?

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If you're washing them you'll be fine.

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Sure, if they are being washed and it wont hurt every once in a while.

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