Do you think social media sites are effecting our kids in a negative way?

I know I did not get a join a site till I was 30 and it was facebook, I then wonder why I made a account, I might look at it once a week. But my son will get home and get on the darn xbox and talk to his friends on a headset.

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I have allowed my son to join facebook. But I have his password and e-mail info etc.. I think we can allow them certain privileges including the xbox etc.. but we have to monitor and control these activities. Set time restrictions and get involved with them, don't just leave them on the computer to do whatever they want.

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It kinda depends on what they are doing on the site. If it is violent games and anything a kid shouldn't be doing yet are gonna affect them negatively. Anything good like learning games they play on the site is ok. But they are just sitting around doing nothing but clicking and typing so in the long run affects them negatively

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proper balance is essential. They need to go outside and play too. Ride bikes, run around etc.

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I think that everything affects our kids in a negative way and positive way. Its all relative to the individual kid. So the answer is YES. But there is also a Positive effect. Just a short example: Some kids go online to do projects and others go for mischievous reasons. I say, "Know your kid".

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I agree, and my son has no interest in facebook, I am ready to sell the xbox, and turn off the cell phone. My parents did not have to deal with this, there was one phone in the house, and all the other crap did not exist.

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Lol.. I do the same things sometimes.. I take away the cell phone and he loses game and computer privileges if he's naughty.. On the other hand I think these games and media sites takes away from family time, so recently we started having movie night instead of the kids looking their own movie or playing xbox and we adults looking at our own.. We compromise and choose a movie that everyone would enjoy..

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No every site have negative effects of kids.Sites with games like horse games [link removed] or hidden object games [link removed] can help them learn new things

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Well here's the difference; the conservative standpoint which would be yours and that of your child which is using media outlets such as Facebook and all of that.

This was actually discussed on a show I watch:

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