Is it cool to have a twin?

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It's amazing. Me and my twin are like bestfriends. We fight nearly everyday, but besides that, it is incredible. We dress alike to confuse people, and we switch classes from time to time. We laugh at the stupidest things that you would thing is weird. Altogether, it is an incredible experience everyone should want.

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Here is his profile. @hooligans45

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I have a twin sister

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man the switching classes part sounds like a blast! lol

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It is.

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I don't know about having twins, but being an identical twin was the best thing that came along. Always had someone to be with, do things with, and talk with. And even today when we get together it's as if time never changed. There's always something to talk about. If we were living close near by I'm sure doing things together would be the same. Unlike Juan F R above, we never fought, never argued. After the 6th grade we never dresses the same. I think that was a parent thing. Having different close gave us twice as much to ware. Fooling friends we never did until later in life. I did it, he didn't. I thought it was fun to fool others in thinking I was him. He was a teacher and I would always bump into his students. When I told them who I was they wouldn't believe me. What fun that was.

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