How exactly do you get your stomach muscles to show?

The muscles are under the fat and the flab on your stomach so people always say you’ve got to lose that fat for them to show and achieve a fairly low body-fat percentage.. And then you also get people who tell you that you just need to tone up your stomach. Does that mean you don’t need to lose that layer of fat?

I am fairly underweight, 5’6, and I weigh about 103 lbs sometimes less. I don’t think I should get my body fat percentage any lower than it is nor do I want to. What is it that I should do to achieve this? I have a flat stomach it’s not flabby but soft so not much muscle, so is it still covered in that “layer of fat”? Do I still have to lose that bit of fat? Or would just working out and toning be fine to achieve this?

Answer #1

I think you just need to tone your muscles. You don’t have a problem with fat, you are very light especially for your height. You should do sit ups and crunches :)

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