What temperature should I leave my air conditioning at so my bill don't increase?

Answer #1

What i would do is use the AC as little as possible, open windows around your house and turn on your attic fan so the cool air will come in. I hope this helps :)

Answer #2

Keep the temperature in high 70’s. We keep ours pretty low, so my mom has like a $400 bill every month… Also, keep lights off in your house. Take advantage of natural light. It helps tremendously.

Answer #3

The most important thing is to find a temperature you can live with and “leave it alone”. Here’s why: The power company charges you a kw/ per hour fee fee based on your “peak usage”. Many people change the thermostat so it doesn’t run while they are gone at work for example, THEN, when they get home the house is hot and they want to cool it down so they turn the thermostat back down and the AC unit works hard for say 2-3 hours to achieve the desired temperature. That just raised the kw per hour rate being charged by the company and increased the elec bill. It’s better for the AC to run more often but for shorter periods and maintain a desired temperature than for it to “pull hard” on the power company for a long period. Another tip is to keep curtains closed while your gone keeping the sun out.

Answer #4

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