What is the style, theme, design, and color of your bedroom?

Answer #1

theme: disney princess… i need to change it it’s been like that forever LOL color: half purple half green style: it’s all made of white wood and has flowers and stuff like that :)

Answer #2

Style: Anything I like. Theme: None. design: None. Color: Dark red.

Answer #3

nice haha (x

Answer #4

I actually want to change my room even thought I just painted it 2 years ago.. i want to just get white walls, acrylic paints, and paint and draw all over my walls with my own art.

Answer #5

Mine is a mix of random things collected over time…a very college looking bedroom. I am in college, but it’s my 2nd time and I’m 26. I used to have blue zebra sheets and a shiny purple comforter. That’s been changed to a softer purple bed sheet set. Still have my lava lamp desk lamp though. :)

Answer #6

Peace signs, baby blue, tie dye, and the Beatles(:

Answer #7

I don’t have a theme really. I have white walls, and girly flowery curtains that my parents put up. Then I have stuck on my wall black and red slashes, several metal band posters, several Hannibal posters, a Sweeney Todd poster, and also a birdcage, a treasure chest and a record player. So, all in all, my room is all over the place.

Answer #8

Style: Plain beech wood furniture, wooden floor (also beech) surfaces are painted with oil only, no varnish coating. Flat surfaces, no ornaments.

Theme/design: Fiery sunset

Color: Yellow-orange-red color gradient lamps and yellow walls with orange-red blurred spots. The paint towards the ceiling is designed to look like flames

Answer #9

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Answer #10

Black and red… Semi dungeon styled…

Answer #11

Theme of my bedroom is Rascal Red, although very little red is there, its actually whitish red………..

Answer #12

My room had no theme. My walls were purple and i had white curtains. I hung old records on my walls I also had my stereo on my wall and bunch of other things. Oh i also had spider man beanbag chairs :)

Answer #13

Style: Beatles. Theme: Beatles. Design: Beatles. Colour: It’s yellow under all the Beatles.. ;)

Answer #14

My room is purple and I have a picture/cut-out collage on one of my walls, I have a black sheet plus a blanket over my window so no natural light can get in but I have a lot of Christmas lights, lava lamps and regular lamps. My clothes rack, hamper(s) and bed take up the majority of my room. The rest of it is scattered makeup, weave, hair product and dirty clothes.

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