What theme should i have for my room?

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Polka dots.
Neon colors.
Animal print.

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What holds your interest?

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Anyone here can only offer you basic ideas based on what they think is nice. As Marisha said, figure out what interests you and use that as a focal point of your theme. You can also base your theme on a favourite colour, using other unconventional colours or patterns to liven it up. Your theme could be from a movie, a book, even a country you would love to visit ... whatever theme you choose, you want to make sure it makes *you* feel comfortable and inspired.

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well what do you like?
Do you like polka dots, strips, animal print, ect?
if you do you could do a combination of two or more themes;
for example zebra print with polka dots lol :P
Just use your imagination :)

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Polka dots a favorite character u like, vintage, retro

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You should provide us with more information on things you like.

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Reading (esp Harry Potter), speaking foreign languages, writing, stuff like that...

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