Is card stock paper and textured paper the same thing or almost the same?

Answer #1

cardstock is a thicker paper, but it isn’t the same as textured paper. Cardstock is a smoother surface, and is used for making buisness cards and such because the ink still looks nice, textured paper is not great for printing on, but is great for adding decoration of texture(imagine that) to cards or whatever else you can imagine.

Answer #2

Card stock can be textured. You can get linen or laid textured card stock. I have also seen some card stocks with kind of a fake leather texture to them. You see them printed with raised ink in fairly common for business cards. Textured paper doesn’t work as well with laser printers because the printer can’t always fill on the depressions with toner. They do make laser textured paper/card stocks that don’t have as much of a texture on them tho.

But card stock is just referring to a heaver weight paper. Business cards are usually printed on something like a 80 to 120lb cover. For a light weight card stock you might use something like a 65lb cover or 67lb bristal. Your standard typing paper is a 20lb bond or ~50lb text weight paper. Paper weights can get a bit confusing. There are several scales they are measure on: text weight, bond, cover, bristal, index, tag, points, milimeter thickness, & gsm (grams per sq meter). It would make life a lot easier for me if they just used one scale :P.

So a 20lb bond is a
50lb text is a 28lb cover is a 46lb tag is a 42lb index

Here is a chart :P

Oh an btw, I work in a print shop is where most this info comes from :P.

Answer #3

this is the invitation i want:

Answer #4

this is the invitation i want:

Answer #5

so you are the person to help me, plz do so. i’m want to make the invitations myself, but i need help on printing out the information on vellum paper. the invitations i want (i uploaded a pciture) as u can see, the information written down is on vellum paper, but idk how to print it out and make like atleast 2 to fit in one paper. how can i do it? please help

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