How do I create a workspace in a small room?

Okay. So I have a small room and on one wall, is my bed, an across is a window so I can’t put anything there. On the wall the Edge of my bed is facing, there is a bookshelf, and on the wall with a window, there is my desk, then the window, then next to it is my fish tank. Then on the next wall is my closet, and next to that is my dresser. I have started a website for polymer clay and resin items and I need a craft area. I am always junking up my room due to making stuff and its bothering me. I have no room in my room for a craft area and no extra space in our house. How do I creat a craft are for a smal room? Is it possible? So far I have been using my desk, but it’s been getting really messed up. (It was white and I’ve been using an exacto knife and I scratched it up, and I was using chalk pastels and now it’s brown where the marks are. I am tired of my room getting messed up due to this so how can I stop this madness for a small room? (As you can see my desk is messy due to my issue….)

Answer #1

Do you have space under your bed? Perhaps get some containers similar to the ones I have uploaded a photo from Google as an illustration. If you cannot afford plastic containers, you can get large cupboard boxes that most retails or supermarket throw out and these are usually free for customers. Due to your small room, placing things into containers or boxes will free up valuable floor space. Under the bed storage is one option, but you could also think about having stackable containers and filling them up with similar items per one box and place the infrequent ones at the bottom and the ones you use frequently at the top. Stacking the containers up will free up your room space to allow you to add another desk into your room and you can use the desk as your craft table.

Answer #2

Hey… so I have a couple of suggestions. First, you could put a collapsible extension on the end of your desk… you could get some wood from the hardware store and a couple of hinges and one lockable hinge and you’re good to go! It would get infront of your window a little bit, but you could put it down when you’re not working.

Or, you could get some wood and tracks from the hardware store and make a shelf that slides in and out from under the desk (like the part where the chair can scoot in)… some desks have these for keyboards… That way you wouldn’t ever have anything getting in front of your window.

The third one goes along with the reply by Samantha–Fruitylicious… anyway, there are bed lifters that are sold at places like Walmart, Target, and at thrift stores that you put under the legs of your bed to raise it up. This creates more under-bed storage space. Since these lifts aren’t actually attached to the legs of your bed, they could tip if you ever were to run and colide with the side of your bed. But under normal conditions, they work pretty well.

Good Luck!

Answer #3

You could build a loft for your bed, to create a workspace under it.

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