Do you guys open your room windows?

i do expecting fresh air the rooms smell when the windows are closed but my dad disagrees he said germs enter the room??

Answer #1

Mine is always open, even in the winter for the most part haha. I like sleeping in the cold :$

Answer #2

Mine is usually open whenever the air conditioner isn’t on. We don’t turn it on all the time to save energy and money, costs quite a lot by the end of the summer.

Answer #3

Very rarely. I don’t like having my windows open cause when theres just a little breeze it slams the doors shut. :L

Answer #4

I ALWAYS have mine open, even in winter sometimes! lol. I love the feel of the breeze and the smell of the outside, even after it rains, which it has been a lot lately. & in the morning hearing the birds & at night hearing the crickets! <3 & as John said, I’m also the same way I can’t sleep unless it’s cold in my bedroom cause I need to sleep with blankets, plus gets to hot and stuffy, can’t breath.

Answer #5

Mine always open :-)

Answer #6

My windows are always open. It keeps the air circulating and the room temperature comfortable.

Answer #7

My bedroom is underground pretty much so no I never really have my window open, if I for some odd reason decided to move my room to the guest room upstairs i’d leave the window open.

Answer #8

In the summer I open the whole house up after its cooled down in the evenings and leave the windows open all night and close them back up in the morning. Works great where I live and then keeps my electric bill down for not having to run an AC

Winter they stay closed. I don’t want snow in my room, nor do I like waking up to 0 degree weather inside….

Answer #9

I open it during the day because my bedroom windows are tinted & I have black curtains, so it gets really hot if I dont..and my windows are at ground level so I get a cool breeze(= I’m to scared to leave them open at night…to much weirdos around here

Opening your windows air out your room and brings in some sunlight Your dads silly..Lol….If he means dust and dirt, a weekly wipe down wouldn’t hurt

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