What is the strongest possible pesticide that can really work on getting rid of bed bugs?

Please can anyone help me!!!!! I recently moved into this house that i know now was and is infested with bed bugs. I really really need to get rid of them for the safety of my baby and mysefl. I dont have the kinda money to just up and move and i really cant afford throwing away all of my furniture. my landllord is being a jerk and his fumeigator did a crap ass job cuz we still have the bugs. Please can anyone help me THIS IS AN EMERGENCY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #1

Well, I watched a documetary on this and it is becomeing a really big problem everywhere. I’m thinking the only sure way is to get them taken care of is by professionals. You could at least call a profesional exterminator, tell them your financial concerns and see if they will advise you on how to do it yourself. Also, this could be at least half of your landlords responsibility. My advice is to talk to the professionals and get some good solid answers.

Answer #2

the BEST WAY to get rid of bedbugs is to have your house or apartment heated to over 120 degrees.

bedbugs can not live in heat that high and they die. i saw a show called infested on animal planet or the travel channel and they had several cases where people blew their life savings trying to get rid of bedbugs via exterminators with poisons and such and the ONLY sure method was to have the professionals show up with what appeared to basically be a giant blow dryer to over heat them and kill them for sure.

one of the families removed all of their belongings and took them to a room that they had made that could easily be heated and i believe did it themselves- their furnishings anyway- they still had to get the ‘blow dryer’ treatment for the house.

Answer #3

so how should i heat my house? would turning the oven and stove iyes on and turning the heat on high in the house do anything?

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