How many gallons is a pool thats 46 ft in length, 34 ft in width, & 12 ft deep?

Answer #1

*24 in width

Answer #2

2,000 ..not to sure mine is 46 ft..not sure about the rest but it says 2,00 gal.

Answer #3

Noooo 2,000 is wayyyy offf

Answer #4

call the # on the swimming poor or on the instruction guide and tell the the width and length and ft and they will tell u:)

Answer #5

Lol my pool doesn’t have an instruction guide or number, it’s over 25 years old :p thank you though.

Answer #6

The answer is 140,385 gallons and here is how to figure it: 46x34x12=18,768 cubic feet of area x 7.48 gallons per cubic foot = 140,385 gallons of water.

Answer #7

I promise this is correct. I know what I’m talking about.

Answer #8

where did u get 7.48? i just wantedd to know how u solved it so i can c how much gal. is my bro’s swimming pool

Answer #9

7.48 is the amount of water mass you can fit into a square foot. You can fit 7.48 gallons into a one foot high, one foot wide, and one foot long. And to solve it he figured the volume of the pool in cubic feet, he then by personal knowledge or google he figured 7.48 gallons of water can fit into a square with 1 foot mesurements, lastly he simply multiplied his original number of cubic feet by 7.48 to receive his awnser. Hope I put that in terms you can understand, I don’t know what you get taught in American school at what age, but we learned to do that in 5th grade.

Answer #10

The awnser with a 24 ft width would actually be 136,046.24 gallons of water.

Answer #11

Answer * Lol grammar fail.

Answer #12

thanks!!! i learned this in HS. but good n math:)

Answer #13

7.48 gallons per CUBIC foot of area. It was just a volume calculation. Here’s some more info for ya: What if the pool was round? Lets say 34ft across and 12 ft deep then do it this way: .785 x 34 x 34 x 12 = 10,890 cu. ft. x 7.48 = 81,457 gallons. Now I don’t carry out all the #’s after the last decimal on the calculator, I just round them up or down which is a standard practice with these calculations.

Answer #14

Also, the water will weigh about 1,171,000 pounds because a gallon weighs 8.34 pounds.

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