How to decorate your room without buying anything?

this might sound wierd but what does your room look like? does it have posters on it? like how do you usually decorate your room? these are some things about me that might help with ideas of decorating: i’m 13, a girl, i love one direction, fall out boy, avril lavigne, dubstep, lights poxleitner, chris brown, forever 21, & if you want to know more my profile description :3 well, those are some things about me that might help out with what i would want on my walls, etc. I also like the colors teal, purple, and black. so please help with how i can decorate my room..thanks :D

Answer #1

Try a vacuum and some windex.

Answer #2

lol, my room will surely be boring for u:P i dont like pasting posters because they leave marks so i have a couple of picture of myself and ntohing else. my study table has a while board so i usually decorate the board with designs and stuff. but u can paste the pictures of ur favourite artists and stuff on one side of the wall, then maybe pictures off urself on the other side. dont paste too many stuff though, it may look cramped. maybe you could repaint ur walls with ur favourite color (if you dont already have those colors on ur wall:P) some people like to cut out flowers of different shapes and colors and paste them in circles:) well i hope i helped:P

Answer #3

As a kid i used to visit Video rental shops (DVD movie hire shop) and ask for there old huge posters advertiseing movies…you can get some great free posters that way. As a teenager i collected Rave flyers/posters free from small record shops and some at the larger chains too….they can be quite artistic and original ….i had every wall and ceiling covered with those flyers when i was a hard core raver back in the 90`s…i bet those flyers are still available if its ya thing. Just had a crazy idea…how about hang an old bed sheet to cover an ugly wall?if it has colour the whole room would be transformed,maybe.

Answer #4

When I go shopping I keep the shopping bags on my wall.

Answer #5

On the lampshade or ceiling maybe colorful ribbons/stars that glow in the dark/neat stickers…new colorful rug/curtains/paint job, etc …Good Luck !

Answer #6

Aswell…If you know any builder type of people …like me.who has odd tins of paint cluttering up my store room…then ask them if they could spare some?…i got tins of all colours from jobs i have previously done gathering dust that i would love to give to some kid who wants to make an effort….so just ask someone,ya never know.

Answer #7

I like to rearrange my furniture every couple months to keep my room feeling new.

Answer #8

I have dream catchers, Christmas lights, a big bob marley painting & some pictures lol. But look up amberkatelynbeale on YouTube, she just put up an inexpensive way to decorate your wall yesterday. Also I think I’m gonna start covering one side of my wall in cereal boxes.

Answer #9

i dig the bob painting…respect.may he forever RIP.

Answer #10

If u hav lots of magazines tear out pages and tape them on ur walls it looks really good

Answer #11

You could create a feature wall; use posters, photographs, CD pictures,T-shirts, scrarfs,pages from a notebook, book covers etc and make a collarge feature on one wall.

You could find some fabric e.g. table cloths or curtains and use them to staple onto a piece of furniture and completely re-design it.

You could re-arrange.

Answer #12

Most of the stuff in my room is fish and fish supplies. (If you didn’t know already, I really love fish!) I do have some decorations like a picture of a road with trees on both sides (that is my favorite kind of pic), and well… not much after that. I am wanting to post pictures framed or not framed an my wall of things like my fish, my cats, and my family. Probably in your case just putting up things you like, things you want to be reminded of, or things to brighten your day. Be creative. You could also try mixing up the things in your room like changing the way things are arranged. That can give more perspective to your room.

Answer #13

find cool and cute things in ur house and gust put them in ur room

Answer #14

you can use pictures

Answer #15

Use the things you got or get things outside

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