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Bullied 12 yr old

Hi my son is 12 we had moved 9 month ago now my son gos to a new middle school. He has a broken arm. One day a kid was punching him as hard as he could on his upper arm. I called the princable he said he would take care of it. Well he told my son not t...


3 year old girl I baby sit

I baby sit a 3 year old girl and she is spoiled and if she doesnt get her own way she screams and yells and hits her head on any thing around her and he parents wont show her whos boss and she isnt toltet trained like I don't know what to do with her?

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15 months old but wants to eat only semi-solid foods?

My son is 15 months old but wants to eat only semi-solid foods. He gags at anything solid given at any time - no matter however hungry he is. I have tried a variety of foods from veggies. to fruits, cereals, pulses in different Flavors and textures. B...


How do I get a 5 year old to stop wetting the bed?

I watch a 5 year old and he's been wetting the bed for about a year. He was potty trained at three and was getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but now he's not.

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How can I mark bottle nipples for my son at daycare?

My son goes to a day care center,and the day care providre always mixes up the nipples on the bottles with the other kids.Are there any suggestions for me to mark the nipples before I leave home.Email me at



What are some good ways to hold 12 four year old girls attention?

I am co-coaching a little girls cheerleading team with my friend. The ages are 4-5 year olds. Are there any good tips on how to get them to listen and behave during the practices?

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A baby who wont sleep

Hi there My son is coming 6months he hasnt slept a full night since he was born. I breast feed for 4months and then weaned him onto formula milk. I give him baby rice in the morning and bottles throughout the day but he will not sleep. he will go to be...


What do I need to have a baby

Okay so I am pregnant with my third baby but I need some help with items needed. So here it is this is what I got, Am I missing anything?

~ Bottles
~ Bibs
~ Toys
~ Changing Table
~ Car seat
~ Stroller
~ High Chair
~ Bassinet
~ Crib
~ Play Yard
~ Swing...

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3-month-old in extreme gas pain

Ok I have a 3 month old daughter and shes in extreme pain when she has gas. I tried mylicon. Im not sure what else to do. Would you recommend gripe water?


Taking candy from a baby... or the other way around

I have a friend whos a teenage mother, she is sooo not ready to take care of a kid
I just found out that she gives her now 6 month old baby candy.
namely, suckers.
is anyone else reaaallly bothered by that???

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3 Year Old Is Always Hungry At Night.

My three year old is always hungry at night what do I do to prevent this and to encourage him to eat more during the day?

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what should I get my friend jake?

ok jake is a kid I adore he is so sweet he is adorable I hope soon well be going out but what should I get him for Christmas? and my girl friends. I was thinking lotions from bath and body works but I would like to keep gifts at a maximum of $10


How do you treat a toddler with a bump on the forehead?

My toddler feel and now has a bump on his forehead how should I treat it? How long before I can let him take a nap?


Is this a good name for my girl?

I wanted to name my daughter Voxina, do you like this name or no. I want sumthing on you wont forget the name, this a good name or what?


When I let my 4 month old niece touch my not yet vaccinated puppy?

my 4 month old niece is coming to visit on sunday to see my new puupy Belle, but belle is only 8 weeks old and isn't due her 1st vaccination until next wednesday. Is it safe to let them meet, or should I wait until Belle has been vaccinated?


Punishment, right or wrong to smack kids?

Do you think it's right or wrong to smack kids when they're really bad?


baby names what would you name a son?

what would you name your son ? I would name mine sean


How do I disipline 8 year old children?

How do I disipline 8 year old children that are not mind? ie screaming and yelling they refuse to go to school.


Is vaginal discharge normal for a newborn baby girl?

I just had a baby and it is a girl and she is 1 day old is it normal for her to spot blood out of her vagina and to have vaginal disharge because her doctor said that most baby girls do that i was just wanting to make sure and to get other peoples advi...

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Is 7.2 pounds big for a newborn?

Is 7.2 pounds heavy for a new born cas when my baby was born all the nurses kept tellin me how big he was and I didnt think he was big at all

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What do you think of the girl names "Vivian" and "Viviana"?

What are your impressions about a person named Vivian and Viviana? I would like a girl name which represents the characters of being happy, sweet, smart, independent, confident. Would you please give me some advice? Thanks.


what are somer good names that start with s, d and a?

what are somer good names that start with s, d and a?


I'm having a baby boy, name suggestions?

I'm having a baby boy... and can't seem to think of a name... Help?


Do you believe that children closer in age or children furthur in apart in age tend to get along and bond better?

I have a son who is two and im afraid he will miss out on that sibling connection of hes an only child, but were not ready to have another just yet.


How should I teach my son to be gentle to animals?

He is not gentle to my sisters dog. I don't know to go about teaching him to be gentle

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