Mum at 16

I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly two years, and we have talked about having a baby before. I’ve just started college, and it does feel right having a baby now. But I don’t know how my mum will take it. I’ve always wanted to be a mum, and I don’t beileve in abortion. What should I do?

Answer #1

I’m a mom at 23. My husband left me when I was 8 months pregnant. Financially I am drained. I work 50 hours a week at $11/hr and I’m BARELY (repeat: BARELY) making ends meet. There is NO excess at the end of the month. I do not have time to go out with my friends- and if I did, I wouldn’t be able to spend ANY money. They don’t come over because I’m tired all the time from workng and taking care of a 7 month old and I go to bed around 9:30. My ex-husband is a useless lump. He’s since fathered another baby that he’ll be abandoning too just as soon as his girlfriend starts to show. You won’t have time for school. You won’t have time for anything other than the baby- because that’s how it SHOULD be. Your baby deserves to have you all the time. You deserve to have your baby all the time. You shouldn’t pawn your child off to strangers or family to raise it for you. And you’ll have to do that if you’re not already set up in your life. Which, at 16, you aren’t. It’s very, VERY hard to be a single mother- your boyfriend probably won’t stick around. I hate to say it- but they rarely do. Not once they see how tough life gets.

Answer #2

If you aren’t ready for the responsibility your life will be very difficult. I’m not sure if you are or aren’t pregnant but if your not DON’T get pregnant. You should be financially stable and able to give a baby everything it needs and if you are in school you need to be concentrating on your studies. Also I wouldn’t suggest getting pregnant with someone unless your married, if your just dating who knows what could happen, I just had a friend who was left by her boyfriend and they have a baby together. You should think marriage way before you are thinking baby.

And if you are 16 you shouldn’t even think about a baby. A womans body isn’t even fully prepped to take care of a child until the early 20’s, before that there is a much higher change of miscarriage and deformation in the fetus.

I also had two friends in college that got pregnant and decided to keep their babies. Both of them dropped out of school and never finished their education so that they could focus on their babies. When you have a kid you can’t focus on yourself anymore its all about the baby.

Answer #3

And who is going to pay for the product of stupidity?

I feel my tax money starting to hurt again.

Answer #4

so are you preg. or thinking about getting preg.

Answer #5

DONT DO IT!!! what will you do if you break up with your boy friend?? or he leaves u

Answer #6

Oh yeah, because you have a well paid job and your own place to bring up this child? You going to rely on child benefits like others? AT SIXTEEN? Think logically. At least wait another two years.

Answer #7

I had the same problem just a week ago me and my husband to be talked about babys we were trying for three months and im only 16 too some people feel its the right time but I spoke to his sister who has just had a baby at 19 and sayed it is draining and if you do look after a baby even for a cople of hours its draing so much so that my boyfriend wants now to wait till were 25 babe please dont do it x

Answer #8

Well…I could come on here and tell you that you are too young to even consider becoming a mother but I think everybody else did a good job with that.

However I will say that motherhood is about giving yourself to someone else…completely. Never putting someone else in front of your child…including your spouse. Staying with your child at night when you really want to go to a party…not because you couldn’t find a babysitter but just because you would rather be with your child. It’s also about being the best person and mother that you can be. Do you think that right now at 16 you’re the best you can be? Do you think that maybe after you graduate you might be a better “you”. You might have a job that could support yourself and your child, you might have medical insurance (and trust me you will need it), you might have a car to get your baby to the doctor’s, you might have a house of your own, you might even have a husband.

While I can understand the “wanting” a baby, I can’t understand the selfishness of a teenager planning to have a baby. Think about your child, think about everything that child deserves…are you capable of giving everything to it…not just physically but emotionally. And are you capable of doing this with only your husbands (or boyfriends) help? When a teenager plans to have a baby she should take into account ALL the people’s opinions that will be helping to take care of the baby…have you done that?

Think about the bigger picture…not just the little face you’re hoping to see.

Answer #9

thats a little harsh saying its a product of stupidity…a baby is a miracle

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