Will social services take my baby?

Somebody told me if I qo to social services to qet help they'll take my baby away is that true ?

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they took my baby away because I was 14 just because my age. they took him away straight after birth I gotta hold him then he was taken so they might

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I think they only take the baby away if they think you are a unfit mother or your abusing it or you ask them to, but just asking for a bit of help isn't really unfit.

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No it's not true,they would only take your baby away if you want them to or if it's being abused. That's from what I know.

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^ thats right too.

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Yea these two pep's are right.
Social Services wont take away the baby UNLESS the baby is in Danger. and if your unfit to Properally Care for the baby.
(I think)
and if the baby is being abused and whatnot.

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Not usually. And they do NOT take away a baby just because you are young!
If they think that your baby is in danger, maybe.
If your baby were in danger, wouldn't you want him kept safe? Until you were able to get it to a safe place?

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