Should i tell the police

My boyfriends ex wife has 5 warrant out for her arrest, ranging from theft of identity, theft, fraud, writing bad checks etc. she has his little girl and she steals, lies and is not the best person. I worry about the little girls situation. I dont think she is harmed phyiscally she is just not taught good values. She is really afraid of police because of her mom being arrest so much. Should I turn her in or should I just wait till it catchs up to her and hope the child doesnt learn the mother ways.

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She going to get taken away if the father doesn't take her.
Then she will be in group care which is horrible.
End up with issues getting into fights when she gets
I would take the girl then phone. Otherwise that's just snitching
and that's mean for the little girl in my opinion.

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if there was not a child involved, then I would definitely say butt out. BUT, since she does have a little girl, I would speak up. if her child is continously exposed to that kind of behavior, she is going to grow up thinking its ok. children should not be afraid of the police, and neither should adults for that matter. the police are there to protect us, and get people like the ex wife off the street. thats their job. if you are really concerned about that little girl, I would let them know. if you are afraid of your boyfriend finding out, then leave an anonymous tip. you would be doing that child a big favor in the long run.

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Yes let your boyfriend handle it. Its not really any of your business. (Not to sound rude)
And would make things more difficult. I'm sure he knows whats best for her.
Shouldn't handle it on your own unless she has bruise's or depending on the age, speaks up about it on her own or when you ask her.
Best dad even handle it. You could get hurt for snitching so its best a male does it.

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This is a situation where you need to step forward and do what's best for the child...this isn't about her mother.

If you don't protect that little girl, then who will?

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You should let your boyfriend handle the situation.

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