One twin is born at 11:59 and the other is born at 12:00

if one twin is born at 11:59 and the other is born at 12:00 are they still twins or just sisters that look alike???

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Yes twins.Nobody ever said that they have to be born the same day to be twins.Twins can be up to hours apart.As long as they know...concieved at the same time,and as long as they are carried in the womb together,then they are still twins:)

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Are you serious with this question?

Obviously they are still twins. Twins are never born exactly the same time.

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there twins if there born on the same day,..reguardless of the minute.. or birthday ... :/.

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I'm sure that somewhere in the world there was on twin born Dec. 31, 2000 at 11:58 pm and the other at 12:03 am on Jan 1, 2001.
Different days, different years, different centuries.
Still twins.
Whether they look alike or not depends on if they are maternal or paternal twins.
But they ARE brothers / sisters.
IF it was the same mother. (I am assuming that this isn't a trick question.)

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If you look at the answers you got, everybody answered the question.

You asked if they would still be twins or not, and everybody verified that they would be.

How is it that you can't see the answers?

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omgee thank you ragdoll516 errr body was giving all sorts of answers to this Q? lol

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I think it's funny that only one person actually understood the question! I'd have to say that they are still twins, even if they are technically born on different days. I think it'd be great if this happened. Then you could celebrate each twin's birthday on a different day.

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If they conceived together and shared a womb, then they're twins, regardless of how far apart they're born.

Whether or not they look alike is irrelevant...fraternal twins don't look alike, but identical twins do.

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you guys arnt answering the question I didnt say they came out at the same time I ASKED ARE THEY STILL TWINS OR ARE THEY JUST SISTERS OR BROS THAT LOOKED ALIKE!!!

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The term 'twins' is not dictated by simultaneous birth, but by simultanous gestation.

Besides, they never come out at the same time... that'd hurt like hell... u___u

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yess there both twins...but to be the shizzz, give them separate bdays. *<I ; P

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***uhhh captainassassin you didnt answer the Q?***

uhhh yes... I did...

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okay soo I got the answer closed

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Hey I Was im a Twin W/ My Sister Born First Tho :D Victory iz Mine >:D

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twins... it takes a minute or two for the sack thing and the next baby to come out.

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uhhh captainassassin you didnt answer the Q? but thankx any way tho lmao

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Twins you cant come out at the same time!

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