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Can cats get high off nail polish?

I was painting my nails and my cat was all calm and everything... It started smelling the brush now he is climbing up the walls...literitly... Can cats get high off nail polish? If it changes anything the polish was black...


How long are bloodhounds pregnant for?

how long do female bloodhounds stay pregnant?

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How to get over a pet dying?

how did you get over your fav animal dying? :( :(


How do I know is my mated pug pregnant or not?

My almost 3 yr old pug was mated february 8, 10, and 12, 2010. Her nipples became bigger after 2 weeks and we hoped and treated her as pregnant. However, it's already over 30 days now but there's still no increase in the size of her belly. Her appetite...


How can I keep my old mice from hurting my new mouse?

I had two mice, both girls, and tonight I got one more, also a girl. She's much younger and smaller than the other two. I got them all at the same place. I put them all together in a wide plastic box with lots of room instead of their cage, so they're ...

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How young can your dog get pregnant at?

how young can your dog get pregnet at ???

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Cost to euthanize cat

How much does it cost (ballpark) to have my cat euthanized, and cost to be with the cat when the vet performs this service?


Whats the normal length of time for a dog to have her pups

My pug gave birth to 2 babies, at 10'30pm..and hasn't had anymore, and its 3'30am.I felt like 2 more are in her tummy..whats the normal length of time for a dog to have her puppies? I'm getting worried


Can an 11 month old dog safely have puppies?

About two weeks ago my female pug got herself tied to a male pug for a good 10 to 15 minutes. I'm 99% sure she is pregnant as all the signs are showing. My biggest concern is that she'll me due right around her 11 month age mark.

I understand nature...


Why do my cats pee everywhere

Why do my cats pee everywhere

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Do you have a dog?

If so then please answer these:
How many?
Describe your love for it/them:

How many?2
Name(s)?Curly and Dwight
Breed(s)?Pug and Pekingese/Cairn Terrier
Age(s)?7 years and 3 months


What is a good pet that's cheap, you can hold, and is somewhat portable?

I love animals.. Im visiting at my Dads house right now, and I saw about three skinny, stray, new kittens surviving under a pine tree filled with garbage, abandoned by the Mom on my way to the gas station the other day..Soo it inspired me to get a pe...


Which monkey makes the best pet?

Which monkey is best as a pet: Capuchin, Marmoset or Squirrel monkey.



why does my dog snif my eyes?

Every day he gets on my or my daughters lap and sniffs our eyes. Why does he do this?

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Is there a home remedy for fluid in a dog's ear canal?

My Border Collie has fluid in his ears. When you lift his ears and rub on his head you hear fluid. He also shakes his head a lot. I'm assuming it is in his canal. What home remedy can I do?


When can my Yorkies have puppies?

anyone know much about a yorkie tea cup. I'm planning on getting 2 of them a male and female. I want 2 know wats the starting age where the 2 yokies can make babies.



Okay. So this raccoon was in a tree during the day. Plain view, a healthy tree and everything. The tree didn't have anything where it could go inside and stuff and sleep till night time. I shot the thing. 22 luger, really bad to shoot one up in the tre...


dog who eats guinea pig poop?

I have to guinea pigs and a dog and when I play with them the poop and my dog eats it is that normal ?? and is it healthy for him ?


How to earn my ferret's trust?

So it took me over a week since I got the ferret to get it to trust me and follow me and everyone else around.

I've had her for nearly 2 months now. And today, she seemed scared. She didn't come when I call and she actually tried to avoid me and ra...


What is a group of turkeys called?

What is a group of turkeys called? Every animal type seems to have a name for the group, so what's a group of turkeys called?


Why is my dog not making milk to feed her babys?

Why is not making milk? She can't feed her babie. Is there something I can do?

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Euthanize an old dog painlessly

Can you euthanize an old dog at home painlessly ?


How long will it take our 14 week old kitten to adjust?

We brought a 14 week old kitten home last night.she seemed to do well until this morning when my 11yr old dropped her food dish and she freaked she won't let me touch her and growls at me.she has not eaten yet either for me in the 20 hrs since ...


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