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Breeding my female westie?

I ahve a 6 month old female westie an d a 2 year old male westie, they ahve the same dads but not the same mum.
Im still unsure whether or not to breed her or not and let her have a litter (by another westie) my friend breed their dogs are trying to ...

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Name the only mammal which cannot jump

Name the only mammal which cannot jump


How do you make a electric worm shocker?

How do you make a electric worm shocker?


Can my pregnant dog have albon?

My pregnant dog has a virus, and I was wanting to know if she can have albon while she is pregnant. But I heard it could give the puppies birth deffects. Wht should I do?


How do I decide to get either a chinchilla or a sugar glider?

I want to pick one. I already know that its a lot of care and how they live a long time. So I was wondering what you guys prefer and what are some pro's and con's?

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bearded dragon depressed

I have a male and female bearded dragons, they have lived in the same cage since they were tiny babies. they are now almost two so I decided to divide the cage so they do not breed yet and so the female is able to eat ect, because he is a bit more domi...


Where can I legally adopt an owl in nz?

I really want an owl and I have researched a lot about them and I theink I could handle the mess and everything. But I dont know if its legal and if it is, I dont know where to get one in new zealand


How to care for new born abandon pit bull puppies.

What is the best way to take care of new born a pit bull puppie who has been taken from its mother too soon? Please I need all the help you can give me thank you .


Do you think clownfish would make good pets?

We have a few fish in a small container in our house, but I was wondering what you think of clownfish. Do you think clownfish would make good pets? I saw a couple when we went to visit an aquarium (the kids all said "there's nemo" it was very cute).


My dog died and it's been so hard on me

My dog died and it's been so hard on me. King was my only friend, literally, and he had such life and personality. I loved him so much and I know he loved me. I've been training him and loving him everyday, and I've never been so attached to an animal ...


Can my cat sleep with one eye open?

I think my cat has gone blind in one eye. He had a virus and his eye got infected. It finally turned solid red and now it's white. That eye is open all the time. It's like he has no eyelid.
Does anyone know if he can sleep with one eye open like that?


are apples bad for dogs???

are apples bad for dogs???


Yellow spider eggs on washing line

I went to put my washing out on the line the other day and I noticed that there were little yellow eggs on the pegs, there were also some grown spiders around. So I
I assume that they were spider eggs. So I removed the pegs and wiped down the line. Th...


Why is my fish eating all my other fish? (continued)

Thank you for your answer about my fish, you said do not get fish that are smaller than him. I've bought fish that are bigger than him and he still attacks them and eats them!


Can pet turtles live outside in cold winters?

If we get turtles and they live out side can they stay there in the winter (I live in Nebraska and threre are clod winters) or should I bring them inside?


Any bird owners out there?

Just curious, I myself have an African Grey named Ozzy. He is 4 years old talks a lot, and escaped from 4 cages I bought till I got smart and clamped everything down. His favorite phrase is "Give me your wallet" and "Vote for Gary", favorite sound e...


Where to rescue a Placostumus (scum sucker fish)?

Does anyone know of or have a placostumus(how ever thats spelled) ( skum sucker fish) that you dont want? I dont want to buy one but if you know of a rescue one my address is Thanks


What's wrong with my bird?

I think he puked and he's got this stuff on his head, its gooey and it look like snot or something. He tried to shake it off so I got on his head. Also, he looks like he's bigger than usual, like when they get fluffy to sleep but hes not sleeping or an...


When can you give a teddy bear puppy a bath?

is their skin more sensitive. they are about 14 months old. one puppy is white and one brown.

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What should I name my bird??

ok I got a pet parakeet and I havent named him yet he is a light teal blue on bottom and gray on his wings. I wanted to name him something maybe from mythology..? It doesnt matter which it could be norse, greek, Japanese, native American, or anything b...


would a small pet shark be a good pet?

I think it would be cool. but I dont know what kind of shark stays small and doesnt get really big. anyone know of any good species?


Pregnancy test for dogs?

I know it seems kinda stupid but can you get a pregnancy test for the dog.
My dog might be pregnant because she and the neighbors dog got stuck together.
But the vet told me she was not able to have puppys because her nipples were not
strait and th...


Food coloring ducklings

I bought 2 baby ducklings which were green & orange. I was told that the eggs were injected with food coloring. Is that safe for the ducks??


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