I am a Junior in High School and I have dug a deep hole for myself. Well the story is, I have been skipping my first period class because of bull

I am a Junior in High School and I have dug a deep hole for myself. Well the story is, I have been skipping my first period class because of bullying. So I just go to the library and I do work for other classes. My grade in my first class is extremely low and my attendance is ridiculous. The thing is, I am not the type of girl that gets bullied. I have friends that are on the popular side, I have a boyfriend that’s a pretty popular football player and my life is just normal. It’s just that one class in particular that doesn’t seem to notice it. Everyday I get low self esteem when I walk in there and I hate that. The point is, my first period teacher isn’t aware of this because they do it when he’s not around. The bullying usually takes place when he turns his back or leaves the room. My teacher wrote me up for cutting because he thinks im not showing up on purpose. I didn’t want to tell the principal about my situation so I just told her that im in the library catching up on work. And she told me that I have to have permission so I told her that someone in the library let me stay. Which is not true. So she asked the librarians and they told her they didn’t. which got me in trouble. My parents were told that I have been skipping and that I lied about it. The news got around to my boyfriend and he’s disgusted by it. I feel like he might break up with me because he’s embarrassed by the fact that ive been skipping classes and stuff. My parents took my cell phone so I cant talk to him or ask to see him or anything. I cant even go to his house because I can only drive to school and back. I know if he tells his family about this, they’re going to dislike me and I really don’t want that. But anyways, my parents did take my cell phone and they have to attend a meeting on Monday about this situation. They told me if I prove to the my story is true, I can have my phone back. But if not, they’re going to keep it until they think the time is right to give it back. I really want it back so I can tell my boyfriend the truth. I’m afraid that I might not be able to convince them that my story is true so I want to tell them the REAL truth before the meeting with the school officials so when the meeting comes, they will be on my side and we can clear it up. The problem is though, they have assigned my ISS for Monday and Wednesday which is CRAZY because this will cause me to not be able to exempt my final exams for my classes and my grades are great except for that one class. Im also afraid that they still will give me the ISS after I tell them the truth and im afraid that my parents or the school officials will believe me because ive already lied so much to cover up my truth. another thing is, im not so up to the idea of telling them the exact person that’s bullying me because I really don’t want anybody else to know about this except for the school officials and my parents. I really need advice on how to handle this situation and how I can get out of this before Monday comes so I wont have to be in ISS for something I didn’t do on purpose. I also need advice on what to tell my parents so they can believe me and understand me and be on my side. They also know that i’m not the type to be targeted by a bully. that’s why I think they wont believe me and think im making this up. HELP!!! ):

Answer #1

Tell your parents, and the school officials the REAL truth: ALL of it, INCLUDING who it is that is bullying you. Tell them EXACTLY what form of bullying this entails.

You say it is happening in (one specific?) class when the teacher is not looking, so there must be others in the class who can confirm your story.

“… My teacher wrote me up for cutting because he thinks im not showing up on purpose. …”

Frankly, you need to get in touch with the reality of this situation. From what you are saying in this post, you ARE cutting classes on purpose, and it only remains to be established, to the satisfaction of your parents and the school officials, whether your reasons for deliberately doing so are reasonable or not.

You need to tell them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth - even if that means you get suspended from school, don’t get your phone back, and lose your boyfriend.

Answer #2

Unfortunately you are in this position of your own accord having not chosen to be honest with the principle to begin with. It may not have necessarily changed much as intending to avoid the class is in fact purposeful ditching but perhaps you’d be receiving a bit more respect from the involved parties. On a positive note there may be a chance for you to redeem yourself, tell the true story now, to your parents and the next time you meet with school officials. No promises at this point however, the issue may not be deemed a reasonable cause for ditching the class. Honestly in my opinion it’s not because there was no reason you couldn’t have gone to the teacher or principle about the harassment and if necessary ask to transfer into another class. Whichever way it goes they can choose to still penalize you for the lying and your boyfriend’s shame could remain. But you chose that path, to not handle the situation in a smart ad honest manner. Either way as Estrogen says you need to risk everything for the truth now. Even if it doesn’t end up making a difference it’s respectable.

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