I am a Junior in high school and I've told a massive lie that has gotten me in trouble with family and the school principals. I have been skippin

I am a Junior in high school and I’ve told a massive lie that has gotten me in trouble with family and the school principals. I have been skipping my first period class because im afraid of being written up for tardies so i figured if i just didn’t show up then i wouldn’t have to suffer the consequence. Well, i obviously thought wrong. My parents looked on powerschool and saw my absences in those classes and i told them it was because i was in the library making up worked for the days i missed in the past when i had my illness. They believed it until i skipped the whole week up until Thursday. I told my boyfriend the same lie because i don’t want him to think im not it for him anymore because of the stupid choices i chose to make. i really need to get out of this before Monday because ive gotten my phone taken away and i really want it back so i can make things right with my boyfriend because i really don’t want to lose him over this stupid situation that i created. i really cant come clean about this yet because ive dug too deep and i really want them to believe me in the meeting on Monday so i can get out of this situation and move completely on until i think the time is right enough to tell them about this lie. I just want to know what i can say for them to believe me because i don’t think they will and im really afraid!

Answer #1

ummmm i think you should tell them dont lie to them you know how stupid there gonna feel if they stand up for you when your lieing to there face,,, i remember my dad told my brother this once hes like i will stand by your side as long as you tell the truth like when it came to school cause he use to get introuble alot but my dad was like just dont lie to me cause i dont wanna feel stupid for standing up for you when your in the wrong,,, so just tell them the truth and idk why you would miss so much ur a junior you neeedddd those credits do you really wanna be those senor who have alot of classes and are super stressed that they wont have enough credits to pass

Answer #2

Just keep telling the truth, like:

You were abducted by extra-terrestrial aliens who substituted an indolent android replica to stand in for you while they subjected you to brain experiments and all such things.

If they continue to doubt you and press for further details, you can just about risk revealing that you have been drafted into the FBI to assist their investigations into a spate of similar abductions.

If you are under severe pressure you should tell them you can’t be lying, because the FBI have been giving you Pentothal truth serum to confirm all the informatioon about having been taken to the Kuyper Belt for week of invasive alien medical procedures in a flying saucer.

In the eventuality that all the details become difficult to maintain to a consistent standard, you should just tell them you can’t remember anything else because the brain experiments gave you amnesia,

…. and anyway, that’s what the FBI, have told you to say because the information is now “classified” as Top Secret with a big red X on the front of the file.

Answer #3

I don’t know what your school policies are like but in my high school, it doesn’tmmatter your reason for skipping, it doesn’t even matter if your reason is ‘catching up in the library’. Skipping is skipping is skipping and you’re going to face the consequences.

Answer #4

Skipping lessons. Well I used to skip lessons because I use to be bullied. Could say you were being bullied by someone and you would get frightened to go to lessons. Will that help??

Or you could just fess up x

Answer #5

Hey, this is going to be tough, but….. YOU NEED TO TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!!! I know how hard that is, but take it from someone who’s been in a similar situation. One time I lied BIG TIME to my parents and teachers. I simply brushed it away, or told some lies. That was my mistake. I couldn’t sleep at night, knowing what I’ve done. Every day was ruined with these thoughts. Revenge, doubt, frustration whipped through my mind, captivating every day with terribleness. Then came the day of light. I couldn’t take the guilt. I told my mom what I had done. There were tears, there was pain, but overpowering all of that was a deep understanding of love. You have no idea how great I felt to get that off my shoulders! So let me tell you, my friend. There is no way you can move on and forget until the “right moment” to tell your parents. You will forever live with the ugly monster named guilt. Tell your parents. You need to admit the consequences. No more lies. Please. You don’t know what you’re doing to yourself. Best of luck. Please tell the truth. tigerlover101

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