Transfering from homeschool to highschool and am scared....

So I have been homeschool for five years now, and before that I was public schooled until fourth grade. I am going back to public school next year, but am afraid because I have NO idea how to socialize whatsoever. That and I am not allowed to have a Facebook, or twitter, or anything that kids have now, and will get picked on terribly.

I have ONE friend right now that I can tell anything, and she is homeschooled too, but we only talk online because we are STATES away, so I am not going to have any friends when I start.

That and I will only be fourteen, and being in homeschool has boosted me up to a grade with 16 year olds… I feel like I am going to be so left out…

Proms/Dances scare me too, because I feel like if I go, I will be a total disgrace and ruin everything.

Not only that, I have to go to school with a girl that I used to talk to that is my age and lives 2 houses down, and she used to treat me like her best friend and now she shuns me, and I didn’t even do anything. I will be a sophomore and she will be a freshman, an I already confirmed that we are going to the same school.

I have no money whatsoever, so I won’t be wearing the cool clothes, so that will cause bullies…

I don’t know what to do! Thanks ahead a time guys!

Answer #1

Just relax and be yourself. Join clubs you’re interested in to make friends and just be cordial but not overly friendly. Bullies will always exist so just ignore them

Answer #2

okay, but I have another question, do I HAVE to join clubs and do sports and stuff or is that stuff optional?

Answer #3

I think back to my high school years. I was overweight, bookish, bad at team sports (though I had some success in Track & Field) and socially awkward. My parents weren’t poor but growing up poor during the depression they learned to be very frugal; we shopped at K-Mart rather than Sears. I was an outcast of the outcasts, even most of the unpopular kids wouldn’t hang out with me. One of the girls I asked out not only rebuffed me but hit me in the face with her notebook. Sounds pretty dire but I still had a great time in high school. I was into band, jazz ensemble, Track, debate, was almost a straight ‘A’ student and enjoyed most of my classes. I was bullied a little but truthfully I was bullied a lot worse in middle school than high school. You are worrying about things that might happen. Worrying about every bad thing that might happen saps all the joy out of life so just stop it. You might have a grand time in high school and even if you don’t worrying about it now won’t do any good. Just take things one day at a time and do your best.

Answer #4

thank you for your answer! it really helped me calm down a bit and stop the worrying. Besides, I still have a year, right? haha

Answer #5

Of course they are optional but it is an opportunity to meet other students who share your interests. If you decide to go to college things like this make you seem “well rounded” to admissions.

Answer #6

kk thank you!

Answer #7

Hm. I think you’re thinking too negatively. Right now, relax. Be kind and dont stress out. Also, when you are in the school, dont hesitate to say hello to people. there may be others who are starting school at that place as well so chances are they will be very scared as well. About the clothes, well. Things are just the way they are. I honestly am a very weird person. Braces, glasses all that. But well the school environment is a little different here than where you live. The best advice I can give you is that you wont be the only one so dont worry. You will always find a person or two who are similar to you. Just have fun and be confident. No matter what, confidence really is attractive and if you can keep your head up, it will make others want to talk to you. And if you still dont find people to talk to, like Will said, join clubs and be active. Try talking to everyone and really being an active person. Goodluck <3

Answer #8

first off chill out ha your worrying for nothing! its better for you to start a public school and once you make friends your gonna love it! like kids arent that mean when i went to school there was never bullies like everyone was pretty nice, just be yourself thats the one thing i regret in school cause i was soooooo shy. n it dosent matter if you dont have a facebook or tweeter i never had either to recently and i never wanted one in school like i never cared for it so no ones gonna care. and i never went to dances cause i cant dance…… ha but if you go to them its all about having fun who cares if you cant dance most just talk anyways.. and about that girl who cares ha like shes ignoring you for no reason just dont talk to her im sure you wont even see her… just try not to worrie ik its hard starting off at a new school were you know no one… cause i have been there i have always made friends easy though i just talked like asked questions like if they knew were my next class was or if the girls nice ask if you to have the same lunch ha thats what i did when i started middle school cause we were both new to the school n i was freaking out hahaha n asked if we had the same lunch n she said yes! so we ate together n she became my best friend! ha its easy like when your in class just say hi to the person next to you and say your new to the school and maybe she can show you around (:

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