Have you ever been bullied in school before?

Yes, I hated high school. When I was in high school, I was always being bullied and harassed by the black and hispanic females and males at school. During gym the gym teacher gave the students the power to pick people to team up with. And every day no one ever picked me to partner up with. And left me sitting alone by myself. The females in the gymnasium picked fights with me and made fun of my thin figure. They kept calling me a stupid african. And they said I didn’t have a booty and to grow a booty. The females I thought were nice and befriended wouldn’t pick me either they wouldn’t even look my way. None of the students ever approached me or talked to me. They always ignored me.And I was always crying because I was sensitive.

During lunch, all the students went their separate ways and left me alone in the lunch room. And when I went to the lunch tables to sit with kids I didn’t know, they told me the tables was taken and every table repeated that basically all the tables were taken. When I tried to sit down and explain myself, they would scream on me and threaten me to get up and move if I don’t want any trouble. So I would go and sit at a table by myself and eat quietly. The same thing happened everyday. During class, none of the students wanted to group with me during group work. And I would ask them If I could join their group but they would say no because all the groups are full. So everyday I would work alone by myself. And I tried to tell the teachers what was going on.

But they didn’t understand me and threatened to fail me. The teachers always did favoritism and took a special liking to some of the students and preferred them over me. They always passed them and gave them straight A’s even if they were disrespectful and not hard working. I always worked hard and tried to achieve good grades. But no matter how hard I tried, the highest grades I received was an 85. It wasn’t fair, they gave the other students high grades after they were disrespectful and never did anything in school. I always was respectful and no matter what the teachers, security, principal, or staff, did to me like take away my cell phone and Id, I still kept my cool and never did anything. The boys at my school treated me as if I was a guy and talked to me any how. They also made fun of my clothes and shoes and called them cheap. And they dissed me and called me ugly everyday. They really hurt my feelings.

They couldn’t say a sentence to me without cursing. The black and hispanic females bullied and picked fights with me all the time and whenever I would insult them back they would call their friends to come and group me and fight with me. They wanted to have the last word with me. And secretly, I knew I had to leave the school for good. I told my parents about this issue but they wouldn’t listen and kept insulting me and screaming on me. They behaved as if they were my enemies. And they abused me so I called the police on them. And that’s when I realized, the teenagers don’t like me. They don’t get along with me. I don’t know why they feel threatened to me and always do mean things to me. That’s why I have no friends in real life but I don’t let it bother me.

I graduated high school on June 27, 2012 and I’m out of that school. Now that I no longer go around that school or its neighborhood, no one can ever start fights with me or bully me ever again. I’m now staying home after I developed a brain problem and couldn’t think, see well, or breathe. I have to stay home from now on or I will over work myself and collapse. I’m staying home and at the same time I’m taking care of my 2 year old son and we’re spending time together in our apartment.

Answer #1

honestly i hate them too but like it or not.they are need ot in this world.

Answer #2

I believe most people have at some point in their lives, I know I certainly have been. Will bullying ever stop? No. Quite frankly it’s impossible to stop bullying regardless of the awareness and the movements we make, it will always be there. To be honest, I think that the Western society in general are raising their kids and children to be weak, overly-sensitive, fragile little things to be beaten down by a word or two. Bullying will never stop as violence will never stop nor war but more needs to be done to make kids stronger and be able to stand up and/or learn not to be affected so easily.

Answer #3

stoping bully us like stoping evil.its 97.68%imposible

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