What does "work cited" mean?

I have this history essay due and there’s a part were we have to write the work cited..what is that? how do you find it? :/ Thanks.

Answer #1

Lol its where you cite where you got your information from.

Answer #2

Still confused :(

Answer #3

Well if you got your info from a website at the end of the page you you would list that website :)

Answer #4

did you figure it out?

Answer #5

Work Cited is a separate page that you should always include with your essay at the very end. It is a list of all the sources you used to write the essay, so anywhere you got your information from; websites, scholarly articles, encyclopedias, journal entries, etc. Usually the Work Cited page is written in a certain format such as the MLA format or the APA.

Answer #6

http://funadvice.com/r/14j48uh393h That site shows the format of the work cited in MLA, if you navigate around that site, you will also find it for APA.

Answer #7

Basically, as your researching information for your essay, you will be borrowing ideas and theories which others have already discovered or written about. This information can be from any source including the internet, books, newspapers, etc. By citing your sources, you are giving them credit, and avoiding plagiarism. There are various ways to cite your sources; I think the most common is the APA Style. Here’s a link that will teach you how to easily do this: http://funadvice.com/r/16d7ql2rvji.

Answer #8

*as you’re

Answer #9

A lot of research papers use ‘Works Cited’ in place of the term ‘References’. ‘Works cited’ is simply a section of an academic / research paper where you cite all the sourced from which you gathered information.

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Answer #12

You list all the works referred to in your paper, in alphabetical order by the last name of the author of each one. If no author is named, .list the work by its title, and insert it into the alphabetical order among the authors. If a work has more than one author, use the name of the one listed first on the title page. Your textbook probably has a sample bibliography/reference list/ works cited page that you can use as a model. You can contact http://funadvice.com/r/16db1hdflam, they are good at delivering great quality essays.

Answer #13

It is to avoid plagiarism and to allow for verification or referencing of where you found your literature to back up your paper.

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