Do you prefer Xbox 360 or PlayStation?

I myself love Xbox! (: please tell me…

Answer #1

PLAYSTATION!! but xbox is not far behind

Answer #2

Lol your mistaking (:

Answer #3

my xbox is breaking, and ive had my PS2 twice as long. still works.

Answer #4

X box

Answer #5

Well a lot of my favorite games are from the Playstation. I think the Playstation was also built better, but the Xbox definitley has some features the Playstation doesnt. I dont know. They both have there ups and downs to them..But Im kionda leaning towards the Playstation? Just cause the games and how long Ive had mine.

Answer #6

:D AWESOME!!!!!!!! Wanna play togetehr sometime?

Answer #7

Lol suree

Answer #8


Answer #9

I’m all for the xbox 360. Lots of good games, and also kinect.

Answer #10

I know, I love the online play!(: do you play C.O.D?

Answer #11

Well lol they sucks! Xbox is still better!(:

Answer #12

Good choice!(:

Answer #13

pc its easy to upgrade

Answer #14

I prefer xbox360 simply because it had more downloadable content for oblivion..( ELDER SCROLLS WOOT)..which is the only reason i bought a xbox in the first place…the ps3 is ok primarily because u get free online..which isnt so good because you lag a lot..oh and i like how my xbox slim is shiny whereas my ps3 slim looks like a rock…

Answer #15

Lol!!! That’s awesome!! I got the mw3 Xbox! Freaking best lol!!! And so much cooler things on the Xbox!!

Answer #16

nooooo xbox is baaaad!

Answer #17

Playstation all the way for me! :)

Answer #18

Omg why?!?!?!?!?

Answer #19

Def XBOX 360!!!!!!

Answer #20


Answer #21

Because I’m not so fond with the xbox 360 I prefer something simple like the playstation.

Answer #22

Alll the old good games are for PlayStation, & there quite durable. I’ve had mine for ages and it still works like new. I always have problems with my 360. :/ I love my old rinky-dinky PlayStation2 & my olld regular X-Box. :D

Answer #23

Lol, understandable!(:

Answer #24

Lol high five! I person who agrees with me! You should add me

Answer #25

Lol high five! I person who agrees with me! You should add me

Answer #26

Your bad!!!

Answer #27

Playstation (Y)

Answer #28

PlayStation (Y)

Answer #29

Nooooo lol!!

Answer #30

I prefer the Xbox. I really don’t like Playstations at all.

Answer #31

Lol awesome! Do you play online!!!!

Answer #32

Not much. I mostly prefer single player RPGs, and the occasional FPS just with friends who are in the same room as me.

Answer #33

Both are good but i like playstation better :)

Answer #34

:D awesome

Answer #35

Ahhh ok! Well if you wanna add me you can!!!

Answer #36

I prefer PlayStation because you don’t have to pay to get on the internet.

Answer #37

No thanks.

Answer #38

playstation :)

Answer #39

I never really got into COD. I mainly play Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, L.A. Noire, and the Halo games.

Answer #40

I never really got into COD. I mainly play Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, L.A. Noire, and the Halo games.

Answer #41

I am “Sony” for life.. ツ

Answer #42

I’m a PC gamer. I really can’t stand them consoles.

I tried to play Left 4 Dead 2 on my mates Xbox and i just couldn’t control my character with the joystick.

Anyway i won’t go on.

Answer #43

true true. Sometimes when I play and I do really well on PC and I question, “AM i better at PC?” then i go play ps3 and i kick some virtual a*s and stop questioning :)

Answer #44

Both of you are lame!

Answer #45

:D That’s not very nice :( hehehe ;)

Answer #46

Lame for using a superior piece of equipment to game? I don’t think so. Personally I think consoles are holding back games quite a bit, due to their lower capacity. I wish I had a gaming computer. I’m slowly trying to ease myself into getting used to the controls.

Answer #47

i think joy stick is good for raising games only and pc provised better cooling facility

Answer #48

Playstation1 ;]>

Answer #49

:D awzum!!

Answer #50

No no no no!!

Answer #51

Yes yes yes yes!! >;}>

Answer #52

i will prefer playstation

Answer #53

PLAYSTATION 3! With the money you saved for it’s FREE ONLINE, you can buy a better exclusive game (which there is about 20, while Xbox has about 6) then play it on a better system and play it online, for free. Look up more facts about ps3 on an Xbox, oh wait Xbox can’t go on Google. Well I made a blu-ray video about it, but Xbox can’t play blu-ray. :P Suck it

Answer #54

Xbox Halo, nuff said

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