What is your opinon on Minecraft and why is it good or bad?

Answer #1

its good because its is the biggest randomly generated sandbox out there, and it runs on a java script makeing the game smaller, there so much stuff you can do in the game plus there are mods and addons.

Answer #2

It’s awesome because you can do anything you want! Build, create, adventure, destroy, survive, add mods and minecraft is just going to keep getting better as a new update comes out quite often. Not to mention it is multiplayer also. (Better for PC but Xbox version is still fun,especially with friends)

Answer #3

What do you mean, ‘why is it good’?.. You mean, ‘why is it the most amazing game ever created’ ? Because it is., it’s the best >> EVER. Like Tyler said about the addons and mods which can make the game ever more fun and exciting than it already is.. Though without mods or anything like that, the game is still so awesome:D! Erm, there is only one bad thing that gets to me, which is because of my crappy computer not Minecraft it’s self, but I enter a jungle and it lags and messes up and eventually the game crashes.. It sucks so bad vv but overall I love Minecraft and I love Notch for making it <3

Answer #4

I mainly just do mega builds these days in it. Haven’t played survival in awhile. (My mega builds are all 1:1 scales. Such as Titanic.. Arc De Triomphe.. Death Star.. a few others. and a secret one I’m working on). I dont use editors etc when I do my mega builds. That’s why I enjoy MC. It’s good.

Answer #5

My co uter Lagos so bad in snow and lunge biomes D:

Answer #6

It sucks D:

Answer #7

Do you have any videos or photos of these mega builds? :o

Answer #8

makes me feel bad because of my quadcore laptop with 8 gigs of ram runs minecraft flawlessly D:

Answer #9

nice man, i love doing mega builds in survival :D it makes things tougher but it sure is fun fighting off hords of zombies and creepers

Answer #10

cant wait till they code it in c++ it will run so much more fluently XD without crashing

Answer #11

^Luckt D: my laptop doesnt even play MC, but the mod optifine reduces lag ALOT i just gt it today and i have no more lag anywhere

Answer #12

haha dont worry i had a crap computer before this one it was a single core pentium 4, with 256mb of ram LOL with a nivida geforce 4 graphics card with no pixel shader. it was a pos

Answer #13

I used to do it in survival. I mined and placed over 10k blocks on my first mega build. Now my current project has over 4 million blocks (the secret one I mentioned).. Sadly only screenshots Adam. My internet hates when I try upload a video lol My Arc De Tromphe is currently my fav until I finish my current one. I’ll upload some pics of some of my stuff if you wish.

Answer #14

It is a HORRIBLE game.The whole point of the game is to build stuff I get it. But how much can u build with cubes. U need no talent whatsoever unlike drawing writing stories,comics,or even a level on little big planet. “Oh I built a house to protect me from a green block” Or “I stacked cubes for 3 hours to make a figure that looks like a pixel version of something I could of seen in real life and lived my life doing something instead of wasting it, playing this horrible game.”

Answer #15

LOL nice trolling, if you can come up with a better excuse than than it takes no skill or whatever just from building maybe id understand, but its much more, createing cities, fending off creepers and zombies, mineing in the belly of the earth and doing what is fun, crafting, plus you can get tekkit which is 10x better than regular minecraft allowing you to use technoloical advances, you need to learn that games arent about haveing skills, its about haveing fun with your friends, YOU wanna know a horrible game, you probably play it all the time, and its name is call of duty, hmm lets see all the spawn camping which has no skill, no scopes which are random luck, the crappy playerbase, oh wait what about the mechanics, such as the same game engine being used 5 years in a ROW! and the noobs that always die give the good players killstreaks in which make the stronger players stronger and the weaker players weaker. and if all you did in minecraft was stack cubes then you obviously didnt get how to play the game!

Answer #16

Ok,making cities is what u do. How do u make buildings for cities. Stack cubes on top of eachother to make walls for the buildings.Not all games r like COD.Not everyone has to play online either and enjoy a thrill of a nice storyline and enjoy hiding planning sneaking around solving puzzles or engaging in combat, fighting with new techniques or practicing aim and shooting people or seeing new creative monsters or robots or mutations or a challenge instead of the same block walking up to u and bumping in to u while u hit B 5 times

Answer #17

you have no imagineation then, you sir are the dead shell of a kid, i havent really had a child hood, but at least i had my imagineation, its not just blocks, they are all differnent, and most of them arent the same size or even blocks for that matter there are over 100 items in the game, plus if you get tekkit it puts that number over 350, are you trying to tell me you didnt like building with legos as a kid, minecraft is the best way to express your creativity without paying 1000s its fiveteen dollars man, its a indie game you can never expect a indie game to be fully expanceive minecraft doesnt have a storyline because when your playing with your friends you make your own story. i never said all games are like cod, i said if you want to play a horrible one then pick cod, even the storyline for cod is really generic and boreing, its unrealistic and a waste of time, most of all you dont get to play co-op with your friends on it, and cod is the last place you would be seeing “a thrill of a nice storyline and enjoy hiding planning sneaking around solving puzzles or engaging in combat, fighting with new techniques or practicing aim and shooting people or seeing new creative monsters or robots or mutations or a challenge” if by hideing you mean camping or mindlessly running around shooting each other. and your comment about new creative monsters or robots or mutations minecraft has those, check out the endermen, pigzombies, skeletons, blazes, creepers, regular zombies, spiders, cave spiders, gasps, silverfish and dont forget the enderdragon. i dont know what game you played if you had a green block bumping into you, but creepers explode and it pisses me off when a part of my house gets blown up, minecraft isnt supposed to be a challenge and your missing the point you say minecraft is a horrible game but it doesnt sound like you have played it, or even understand it, its a sandbox game just like gta, skyrim, and fallout as a few examples here let me put it through your thick skull “sandbox game: a game in which a player is put in a open world to explore or do as they please” easy enough? why dont you give minecraft another try then you can try and give me a valid reason why you think its horrible, other than “the world is made of blocks, OMFG BLOCKS ARE STUPID” because thats the most stupid comment ive ever seen just saying, “why dont you like minecraft” “cause its stupid” “whys that?” “just is” you havent given it a chance.

Answer #18

Dylan has no imagination then XD

Answer #19


Answer #20

So all games other than minecraft, everyone just shoots mindlessly. How do u destroy all ur spiders or creepers or zombies. Do u use techniques like combat shooting or stealth. Or do u just hit them repeatedly. U know another game that has different styles of squares, Tetris. I know u can’t build things with it but, mine craft isn’t the only open world game that u can build a ton of things that r already invented.In LitteBigPlanet u can create levels with working machines enemies that u can place anywhere weapons tools costumes for ur character, vehicles, a story from something that already that already happened with sounds and stuff. U can build things too like titanic or space ships with the inside too. And water or zero gravity and send them online for friends and anyone to see. Also it has squares of every size and texture too. Just because it’s not on minecraft or building something doesn’t make someone or something unimaginative.

Answer #21

haha i like how your changeing my words let me define it for ya, CALL OF DUTY SHOOTS MINDLESSLY, there are many ways of killing the mobs in minecraft, you can have a lava pit by your house, you can drown them, you can fight them regularly with a sword, or you can use a bow, you can get a pressure plate and a dispencer so when they step on it they get shot with arrows, or my favorite technique placeing a pressure plate on tnt underground like a mine, and yes im very aware of little big planet its a great game just like minecraft, people make adventure maps on minecraft to create a story, and no your unimaginative because you are unable to see the creativity of minecraft, all you see is blocks and blocks only, i see a world ive never explored full of interesting things. much like when i played halo, it was a mysterious world full of mysterious beings. i appiciate a game for what it is, cod i apriciate that it has the potiential to be a great game but since everyone is passing the game rights around like a bottle of whiskey i dont see much of a future for the game

Answer #22


Answer #23

so aparently you have terrible taste in games and your a homophobe?

Answer #24

So… If a game isn’t minecraft it is a horrible game right?

Answer #25

So… If a game isn’t minecraft it is a horrible game right?

Answer #26

my god your stupid im sorry but your just straight up stupid, i havent said that at all, im not saying minecraft is the best game ever its just not a horrible game, quit infering crap your horrible at it, im not ignorant like you i look at games for what they are, i listed cod as a example of a horrible game mainly because its broken. your 13 so grow up…

Answer #27

U did say I have a terrible taste in games and I said minecraft was stupid not a whole list of them. I did not mention any games that I said I liked, I used LBP as an example, moron.

Answer #28

Okay search in YouTube “minecraft sucks” then watch the 2nd and 3rd video going down. They r hilarious and u should get to know my side of the argument even if u still like minecraft.

Answer #29

Everybody go to YouTube and type in “minecraft sucks” and watch the second and third video going down. Also make sure minecraft is one word

Answer #30

Make sure minecraft is all one word

Answer #31

i like how i watched like the first 5 videos and none of them were valid arguments, it sounded like they were just trolling but they secretly love the game. and yes dude i did say you have terrible taste in games either way if you dont like minecraft thats your opinion i was just trying to makesure you didnt like it with a valid reason and obviously you dont have a valid reason, im a hardcore and casual gamer… i dont judge games until i have played them through, and at least i have a honest opnion on a game rather than some half witted opinion about a game, you blame a game for its content for being bad i dont get that, you should blame the game mechanics and structure, such as minecraft being buggy and crashy, always getting low fps and whatnot but you skip that part and just call the game stupid for haveing blocks in it, maybe one day youll be able to look at games and then love them instead of take one look at them and shove them away.

Answer #32

I’m a girl and I honestly think it’s awesome! I love it! I love being able to build new things, it’s fun and entertaining(:

Answer #33

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