Do you remember the old days of gaming when you were playing Pokemon on your Game Boy?

Answer #1

Old days? I still do.

Answer #2

Haha I still have my Gameboy Advance and all my Pokemon games X)

Answer #3

i have my sp but I can’t find my charger and my Pokemon Red and Emerald are laughing at me right now :(

Answer #4

Yes! Lol :P :P But I still do :D :D

Answer #5

I would to if I could find my damn charger :(

Answer #6

Sad day D:

Answer #7

Sad day D:

Answer #8

yeah haha oh well :D

Answer #9

Buy a new one lol :)

Answer #10

I like the more older days, Atari 2600 and Pac Man :-)

Answer #11

I am thinking of MY old days :) I never played on an Atari D: always wanted to…

Answer #12

omg i remember that:)

Answer #13

I got a wave of Nostalgia just looking at my pokemon emerald and red :P

Answer #14

yup then came XBOX

Answer #15

Hell nah. PS3 for life :D

Answer #16

I don’t have the money to get new stuff (even used stuff)…SO, off the net I downloaded what is called a VisualBoyAdvance. Then I downloaded Pokemon FireRed and that is what I’m currently playing, all off my laptop :)

Answer #17

Yes, the old ones were so much better! Silver was my favorite!

Answer #18

If i still had a game boy it would be on!=D….but i don’t anymore=(

Answer #19

I remember the ‘simple’ gaming consoles that you plugged into your televisor back in the 1970s. They were in black-and-white then, and were surprisingly expensive–think $100, and up. I remember when the Gameboy first appeared. I purchased one as I needed something to occupy my time whilst recovering from a fall from a ladder. I purchased later Gameboys as they appeared, but never purchased any Pokemon games.

Answer #20

Yes. It’s been YEARS.

Answer #21

Yes good old memories will last a life time.

Answer #22

Same problem here.. I lost my charger and now my gameboy is lying around somewhere in my room:P

Answer #23

Heck yeah I do. I think we started with GB Pocket and then we were super excited when we got GB Color. I remember me and my brothers each got one version of Pokemon. Red, Blue and Yellow, I think? Ahhh, the good ole’ days.

Answer #24

your old days your fifteen my old days where before you existed maybe before your parents even had body hair

Answer #25

I love my game boy but all my old games ran out of batteries

Answer #26

Why do things have to change T.T

Answer #27

Why do things have to change T.T

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