What is your favorite game?

It can be of any console such as a SEGA or Nintendo 64 etc..

Answer #1

Sunset Riders! On nin 64

Answer #2

i LOVE wrestling games. I also love the Skate trilogy by EA.

Answer #3

Castlevania on the Nintendo 64

Answer #4

any of the sims games either that or minecraft or skyrim… hmm or the pokemon series.. hmmm i have no idea there are way to many for me

Answer #5

I likey! Minecraft <3.

Answer #6

My favorite “old” game is the original Mortal Kombat. My favorite modern game is Counter-Strike:Source.

Answer #7

Mario Kart on N64 :D

Answer #8

Good choice :D

Answer #9

MInecraft, Skyrim, Pokemon, Oblivion, CSS, oh so many to choose from.. Crash Bandicoot or Spyro and Mario if we are going that old school :D

Answer #10

Gears of War 3 Xbox360 :D

Answer #11

OMG Spyro <3

Answer #12

I’m lame so world of warcraft.

Answer #13

I love Sudoku… I play that game everyday!

Answer #14

You are lame yes.. WHY WOW WHY?

Answer #15


Answer #16

battletoads for the supernintendo!

Answer #17

Zelda, Rune Factory, any long adventure game. :)

Answer #18

My Candy Love, a online sim flirting game. You gotta try to raise your affinity with teh boy you like, and some are much harder then others, like Castiel, who I want to kick right now.

Answer #19

Tekken 6

Answer #20

Favorite game of all time? Man I don’t know if I can pick just one. For RGP it would have to be Final Fantasy 7. (PS) Shooter would be Perfect Dark (N64) Fighting game, Guilty Gear X or X2 (PS) or Super Smash Bros. (GC)

My most despised game would be Mario Cart(Any of Them) :P. I can never seem to win at that game :(.

Answer #21

I never liked the Mortal Kombat games all that much. The combo system was so rigid. Had to enter exactly what was pre-programmed. I have always been more of a Street Fighter-style fighting game fan. Love my Gatling Combos.

Answer #22

I hate Mario Kart. I always loose. Doesn’t mater which on it is :(.

Answer #23

this is a very great list! i have guilty gear reloaded on my computer and its awesome and id also say that the original super smash bros on the 64 is probably my favorite.

Answer #24

Minecraft , Blacklight Retribution , Counter Strike Source , Crysis1 and 2 , Half Life (all of them) and well Skyrim

Answer #25

now tat i think about it they all have to be pokemon skyrim spyro halo cod (any) sims dead island sonic my candy love <3 minecraft (ftw!) that is all :3 that i can think of atm

Answer #26

I have a few! Dead or alive, ragnarok online, just dance 3, lol anything I’m in the mood for that day I guess ;p!

Answer #27

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Answer #28

Call Of Duty.. LOL and UNO..(:

Answer #29

C.O.D!!! BLACK OPS LOL… And no it does not suck lol.. ;p

Answer #30

Call Of Duty…(:

Answer #31

I played a lot of the 64 and GC Super Smash but I think I like the GC version better overall

Answer #32

yeah new charaters and better graphics ftw XD

Answer #33

Wow so man replys o_o

Answer #34

Recently Im addictive in The Simpsons™: Tapped Out and iSwinging on my iPad.

Answer #35

Resident Evil: REmake on Nintendo Gamecube. The best game I have ever played!

Answer #36


Answer #37

I love to agree bird action game from http://funadvice.com/r/bvqc4buurn1

Answer #38

I love to agree bird action game from http://funadvice.com/r/bvqc4buurn1

Answer #39

Yes Halo is amazing xD!

Answer #40

im like a diehard halo fan XD i have all the limited edition games and everything :D

Answer #41
Answer #42

candyland :3

Answer #43

Angry bird iSwinging Angry King Kong

Answer #44

pokemon kingdom hearts ratchet and clank halo 4 jak and daxter shadow of the colossus you can tell im stuck in ps2 world lol

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