Do you think violent "shoot em up" video games are having a negative influence

Although I’ve never been a fan of censorship or Govt. control of anykind, and I know that it’s the “parents responsibility” to keep tabs on such, I have to wonder if teens are becoming desensetized to real world tradjedy through playing them for hours daily. It’s obvious that “gaming” has become a “babysitter” for parents. I think it should be looked into. What do you think? This is the most liberal that you may ever see me, but my concience is talking to me

Answer #1

Parents should control what their kids play. Honestly, my opinion is since people don’t know or care to know who God is, and people can be deceived by their own hearts and commit hideous crimes based on video games, only Christians who allow God to control them should be able to play shooters without it influencing us. I’m a Christian, and I play shooters and rated M games, but since I my God is in control of my life, His grace causes it not to influence me. That’s just my opinion though.

Answer #2

I personally do have mixed feelings about this, and for me, this ties with other medias as well like violent por.nography and such. I do completely agree that it is fully the parent’s responsibility to keep tabs on their kids on what sort of games they play or what sort of media they are exposed to. I am not one of those who would blame video games or adult material for violence, shootings or I do, however, fully think that such video games, or even movies desensitize whatever tragedies they might depict. I do think that these sort of medias do have influence on children. Prior to beginning to play First Player Shooter games, I myself, had zero interest in firing a gun, after playing it, and being rather addicted to it for a while, I find myself wanting to go to a gun range. Now, I in no way am planning on ever, or will ever have the urge to harm another human being with a gun, but in small ways, such a media has effected me and I am willing to assert that they do effect everyone in some way or another. I think the way it effects each person is different, it might effect some people more or some people less. I think it is ignorant to say that they have zero effect on a person because I think all human beings are effected by everything they see and hear everyday.

Answer #3

Personally, I don’t feel violent media increases the chance of violent acts. Most of the research I have read have not found a correlation between violent video games and violent behavior in teens or young adults. In fact several pieces have point towards the opposite reaction. The violent video games give an outlet for violent feelings and lessen the person aggression. From my own personal experience of playing violent video games and viewing violent media I don’t feel it has increased my urge for violent behavior. Also from what I have seen in my friends and siblings - I don’t not see an increase in violent behavior in the people who play violent video games. I see playing shootings and other violent acts on video games and movies to just be a scapegoat. The difference I see between my friends and I who have been expose to a fair amount of violent media and the people who commit acts such as shoots is the parenting. I have thought this since the Columbine shooting back in 1999. I had played A LOT of Doom at that age (I was 12/13 when the shooting happened) and younger. I was somewhat over weight through most of my youth, and bullied because of it (another possible cause of the shooting). I also was not a stranger to goth and metal music. I have had plenty of exposure and access to firearms all my life (being giving my first hunting rifle when I was 5 by my grandfather before he passed away). My dad had taught my how to shoot by that age, and instructed me in firearm safety. Similarly was true for my best friend who I had played most of that Doom with, and had similar taste in music. There where probably between 12 and 18 firearms in his house at any given time, so plenty of access.

But what made the different? Well I think parenting. My mom was home every day when I got home, and when my dad got home from work we sat down at the table and ate a home cooked meal. My parents helped me with my homework, and patched up my skinned knees. Same for my best friends parents.

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