What's your favorite game system new and old?

ex. gamecube and playstation 2 are my favorites since i haven’t played on anything older and i don’t really care for ps3 and xbox360

Answer #1

The only time I’ve ever actually played video games was with my siblings when I was really little, and we had Sega and Nintendo! That feels like forever ago, though aha. My brother’s favorite is playstation 2, too.

Answer #2

Super Nintendo & Xbox 360.

Answer #3

Super Nintendo! I love the Mario games and Link and the duck shooting one with the fake guns. Best console ever made, right there

Answer #4

& Gamecube! My childhood video games.

Answer #5

Super Nintendo! My dad had one, and he had one of those arcade controllers with the joystick. My sister and I used to stay up all night playing Sunset Riders on that.

Answer #6

I played those when I was little too… Only I haven’t stopped playing! My favourite modern console is my PS3.

Answer #7

My PS3 rocks. However I’ll always have fond memories for my Amiga. Of course, when I had it I also had time to play. I haven’t had time to play any video games in months.

Answer #8


Answer #9

I loved the Nintendo 64 my favorite games on there were Zelda & Mario carts.

Answer #10

I used to play Sega, Nintendo 64, and gamecube when I was kid.

Answer #11

Atari to play Pac Man and Super Nintendo for Super Mario Bros.

Answer #12

atari and sega

Answer #13

Gamecube & N64 . I don’t really like any of the other systerms. xD

Answer #14

Oldschool NES

Answer #15

playstation 2 & xbox 360

Answer #16

64 and gamecube. we still have both in my house plus the wi but I loath the wi

Answer #17

Sega, PS1/2, XBOX. Mainly XBOX now since I love playing Halo with my friends ;3

Answer #18

Nintendo 64, Nintendo NES, Gamecube, Playstation 1, and 2, and Classic PC.

Answer #19

Dreamcast or GameCube. <3 :’D ugh so underrated! I have great memories with those fantastic systems

Answer #20

Dreamcast or GameCube. <3 :’D ugh so underrated! I have great memories with those fantastic systems

Answer #21

Playstation 3. It has way more games than Xbox, like uncharted 1-3, killzone 2-3, god of war ascension and 3. Resistance 1-3, infamous 1,2 and festival of blood etc. Also it has free online. It runs better and has no 3 rings of death. The games only for Xbox suck even though there is like 3 of them which r halo series, left 4 dead series and gears of war series. Also ps3 can go on the internet (ex. Google) like a regular computer. It also has cool themes and wallpapers that u can actually see. U can also use personal pics from ur phone and stuff. So in conclusion to wrap everything up, for a playstation 3, with the money u saved from online fees you can buy a better game on a better system and play it online for free. :P

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