Why do was as human kind kill wildlifes beauty?

Why do we kill and hunt so many wonderful creatures, like the elephant for its tusks, and why do we have to cut down nature and damage so much, we are killing our world with pollution and yet we carry on. So many dont seem to care. Also if we kill thousands of animals people dont seem so fussed but if an animal kills a human we seek revenge and kill the animal back ( e.g. Steve irwin) or its all over the news, we act like its a huge deal its such a cruel world thanks to us…
? …

Answer #1

Also I dont think animals hurt us on deliatelery, as I believe they are only defending themselves and it is best to stay away form their territories. Animals have feelings too and we dont have a right to abuse or be cruel to them. As we say it wrong to hurt humans so is it with animals. They deserve our respect as well and care.

Answer #2

I disagree, the world is FAR FAR FAR from over populated.

Answer #3

It’s all for money.

Answer #4

How can I say it’s okay - because the meat is used to feed people. Also, not every hunter uses dogs to hunt with - I know plenty of people that do not hunt that way.

Hunting for sport is fine - as long as the meat is used and not wasted.

Answer #5

I agree with 91jchevy27ec it’s all for money! I HATE IT!!! it’s soo stupid! All of it! and how can they say they feel no pain because it’s done properly! It does hurt them!!! go to youtube and type in KFC Animal Abuse and either click on the first or second one! Those animals, yah they dont sound happy, am I wrong?!?! Seriously tho I cant stand eating meat because of what they go thro!!!

Answer #6

Exotic creatures like elephants are hunted for humans to gain money out of them which is really bad. People are so greedy.

There’s so much pollution because people are living for today and not thinking about tomorrow. There are a lot of alternatives which would make the earth greener but theses are either too much money or still in production. Things need to happen now though, we need to change or we will all die.

With the killing an animal because it killed you thing I do agree. Humans kill animals all the time. When wild animals attack it is usually in self defense, if you do not aggravate them and do not invade there space they will leave you alone.

Answer #7

Well, nowadays there is absolutely no need to hunt if you live in a developed country like Enlgand or America. I don’t understand whether people get pleasure from hunting or whether it’s a family tradition to be honest. In Enlgand, it’s seen as quite a ‘classy, posh’ thing to do, but serioulsy, what is the need? I think in Enlgand, it’s more of a tradtiion to go fox hunting, especially if you’re from a wealthy/royal backround. But, the people don’t actually eat the foxes, and they hunt with dogs.

Answer #8

Well this is my opinion on all those things, I think hunting for sport is wrong specially as they mainly just like to have a trophy on the wall or a rug on the floor to show off like with big cats such as tigers and with foxes. I think there is too much hunting as it is evident that the animals are becoming endangered specially the tigers anyway. I am a meat eater but I wont eat chicken that is not free range as I dont agree with cruetly of any kind like having the birds in small cages and overcrowded barns. Also I dont think killing animals for fur and skin is right either, it makes me sick to the stomach. I hate animal testing as well as I think there is other ways that they could find out about new medication and cures for illnesses etc. I also believe it is wrong to kill healthy animals because of over population like stray dogs and cats on the street. I think it is better to have animal shelters so they can be rehomed and also maybe capture the animals and have them neutered or spaned so that they cant breed too much. Also I dont agree with the killing of elephants and rhinos for there tunks and horns as I know it is just about the money and being rich, popular and liked. Hunting for food is nesscary for people that dont have the opportunities of choice like going to the supermarket, this is people in african rural areas who dont have much money, asia and other places of the world. I think it wrong that in England, where I come from, The people who fox hunt say it is about family tradition and they dont want to change, but soon all the foxes will be gone from the countryside and will be living in the cities and towns when they will considered a problem even more. It just seems that it is a vesious circle, We as humans just cant seem to be happy. We are the cause of all the pollution problems the animals and creatures havent done anything it is our problem and we have made everything how it is. It is just down to us to change the world and make it a better place. I think it isnt because of people being cold hearted that they hurt animals, destroy wildlife, dump in the oceans and river. It is due to how many people were brought up, like whether they were told it is alright to kill, destroy and ruin or whether they were taught the opposite. Also not everyone is able to go to school to learn about the world, important issues etc. Some only know one way of life and dont know how to be different unless they are taught, and we have a choice in life with how we want to live it, free will. Also we cant just stop cutting down trees as more houses are needed all the time as there is more people and imigration. But the best people can do is plant new ones or dont destroy land that is yet to be discovered like rainforests. We should think of better ways to get rid of waste rather than dumping and everyone should be able to afford items that are needed. As it seems the new energy saving items are too expensive for people on low incomes to be able to buy ,so the companies should think of a way for them to be cheaper .But also so they can carry on making them without losing money or profit and maybe having to shut down the company. I think the world should be informed properly of issues that we are facing and how we can all do our part, there are many people that are completely against bothering with recycling and other stuff but the best we can do is try to show them how things may be and how the world is being destroyed, but we cant force anyone to change.

Answer #9

Ah what a beautiful world it is. An Eskimo can hunt seals for food and to supply mukluks for his feet to keep them protected from the cold and snow. Another Eskimo kills wolves, bears and other furry creatures to provide clothing for him and his family to protect them from the elements.

In other places trees are cut down to make beautiful homes to protect man from bad weather.

Some of the beauty of the world is consumed by man to make his life more beautiful, productive and secure.

The Beauty of the world is in how organisms and species utilize it, both adapting to it and adapting it to their needs.

And as to “keeping elderly people alive way past their time”, I wonder who gets to decide when that time is. I don’t expect to live forever but I do expect and want to live as long as I can successfully function without being a burden upon my family or society.

  “For that which we are about to consume, we are thankful. May its furtherance of Being, through us, be glorified and we pray we may learn to appreciate its life as its death.”

        Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

Answer #10

I dont like hunting unless they use the whole animal, for things like meat, fur, ect other than that, killing for sport is disgusting and though hunting has now made quite a few species of animals extinct its not whats killing the majority of animals thinsg like pollution, cars, tearing down trees, polluting the water and puttitng up new buildings or making land from a place with many trees are whats killing it obviously humans arnt going to stop doing this and most of them dont think there a problem, becayuse there too stuborn and blind to see it we need animals and plants, especially trees to live on this planet trees regulate the air while animals provide us with fur, meat and a lot of other bi-products without them, we would all be dead but hardly anyone will realise that untill were all on the brink of destroying the planet when weve destroyed it so much that were all about to die verey soon if we dont do something, thats the only time when people will realsie that what they all did was wrong, and now they have to sacrific more than a lot to dsave themselves and this planet

Answer #11

I used to think this too, and after seeing global warming warnings all over the news, I still sometimes do. It’s probably all to do with humans having to dominate the world…nothing can get in our way. We have an unfair advantage over every other living thing thanks to all the technology we continuosly invent- but one day it will probably all come back to haunt us. We’ll probably cause the end of the world through nuclear weapons, and through our own anger and selfishness, destroy every other innocent being in the process. Ok, it’s true that many people have to kill great animals in order to earn a living and survive…such as killing elephants for the ivory as you mentioned, but sometimes I think, out of all the creatures on this earth, how come I turned out to be a human being? We’re slowly destroying the Amazon too, and this time not only animals, but humans will suffer too.

Answer #12

I do not agree in hunting as a sport what so ever. How can you say that is ok? And how can people gain fun from killing innocent animals? Did you know when certain animals are hunted by the dogs they run so hard and fast to get away that they’re heart bursts. That’s usually what kills them. To me that is not what “sport” is about.

Answer #13

Some people don’t see it that way - they see hunting as a sport. Although, most hunters don’t just kill the animals - they store and eat the meat as well. I see nothing wrong with that, as long as your not killing an animal and just leaving to decay - I think hunting for sport is fine as long as you use the meat that you kill.

Answer #14

Killing for food is one thing but hunting for fun is another “sick thing” thousands of years ago people hunted for food becuase they had to live but the didnt do it for fun that rely irritates me becuase hteres no fun in killing animals FULL STOP

Answer #15

How do you know the animal was killed humanely just because you buy the meat in a supermarket? Have you ever been in a slaughterhouse? Also, like I said not everyone hunts with a dog, and most of the time it’s one shot and the animal is dead. It’s not done inhumanely at all.

Answer #16

I see nothing wrong with killing an animal for needs - such as food. Hunting used to be a way of life and survival - humans are at the top of the foodchain and used animals to survive.

We cut down so many trees - because the world is overpopulated. We are constantly finding cures for diseases and keeping elderly people alive way past their time and living longer lives - and we are causing over population. When you cause that - you have to build new homes, new businesses, new areas - to support the growing human race.

Answer #17

because they’re tasty!!! nom nom nom nom

Answer #18

If people want to eat meat they can go down the supermarket and buy some that has be killed humanely. I know everyone has different opinions on this- I suppose it was how you were brought up but it’s something I feel very strongly about and will never change my opinion on.

Answer #19

There’s a vast difference between killing an elephant for tusks, and killing a deer for meat…even in this country…taking antlers and leaving the carcus is against the law…and as far as I know, that law exists in Africa, when it comes to elephants and rhino’s.

It takes only a few spoiled apples to ruin the barrel…the majority of humans are decent…


Answer #20

I’m from South Louisiana - a lot of people hunt down here, but they eat the meat that they kill and they do not use dogs to hunt the animals. I see nothing wrong with that.

Answer #21

No, but my family have worked in them for years. I do know the procedure and there is no pain if it is done correctly.

Answer #22

That’s fine - but not all Slaughter houses are like that. That is why I said something. Like I said I’m not trying to change your opinion on hunting - I was just trying to correct you - because MOST hunters are humane when they kill the animal, most do not use dogs and make the animals heart explode, and almost all of them do use the meat from the animal they kill.

Answer #23

Not to mention we’ve wiped out a good portion of the predators that hunt deer and such. There are portions of the US that have deer wandering through city streets because there’s no space elsewhere.

And coyotes are a little overpopulated in Tennessee. That’s why we hunt them. They generally hunt smaller game like rabits and other rodents. We don’t have wolves that hunt deer and such.

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