Do you believe 2012 planet nibiru aka "planet x"?

Do you guys believe of the planet nibiru getting closer to earth and will be here on december 21 2012?

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I don’t think it will destroy the planet, but I think it will create a lot of weather changes and we’re already hearing of all this earthquakes, sunamys etc. the closer it passes to earth the worst it will be.

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planet what?

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Answer #4

Seriously I believe it and I can’t believe their is making a movie about it!!! It’s gonna be out this november in theather!!! can’t wait to see it!!! Anyway yea I believe that. Some people don’t because the earth says that before like the earth is going to end at 19** somthing. But I heard that in 2012 their is gonna be like a lot of bad stuff is going to happend like mabey some city will sink in the ocean and become lost of somthing . Dunno but I believe it. Lol

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Answer #6

Can you explain that ? I dont understand what[‘s gonna happen -_-

Answer #7

Its obamas fault if we keep getting crappy presidents in a row then yeah they will run the world into detroying its self =] but NO THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO END! its people trying to scare us yada yada, but if it does end its humans fault.

Answer #8

synyster1666 your ticked w had bush a republican now your ticked we have obama a democrat wow your messed up how can you hate both but with the planet if its going to hit in 2012 I would be able to see it in my telescope it cant be moving that fast I would see it because I always look up because its actually kind of interesting looking into the hevens

Answer #9

I heard is because obama is president and hes muslim

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