Are white humans like a cancer on the Earth?

Are native people like the Aboriginals of Australia more advanced than white man, since they lived in harmony with nature…rather than against it? When Europeans settled Australia 212 years ago it would have been an untouched paradise, now we have cleared rain-forests, sucked rivers dry, etc. etc. For 40-50,000 years the Aborigine looked after this land…what will it be like in another 50,000 years? I hate to think…our consuming nature is eating away at this planet more & more every year…Are we like a cancer, with populations ever increasing, can the world support our way of life into the future?

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I think people need to put this question into better perspective. We are biting off more than we can chew, but what does that mean? I think it means more people, with a less stable possible substainance for the future human populations of the world. The best proof of this is the fact that humanity has risen in population from 2 billion to 6 billion in the last 100 years. Informed people speculate a relatively significant drop of oil production in as soon as 10 to 25 years. Research “peak oil”. Without getting too political, I think we have more to worry about than pump prices. So what’s going to happen? Natural disaster or massive starvation? Self-interest is understandable, but what is it about human biology that has made us pop out so many babies? Any thoughts?

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Some people think that the “mark of Cain” was white skin. Adam means “ruddy” which is of reddish color. It appears Adam may have been a person of color. To answer your question, I think we are.

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It depends on what you consider advanced, I suppose.

If living in harmony=advance, then yes. If you mean technology, of course not.

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You pessimistic racist jerk

Yep, someone has to think the worst of this current global destruction. I’m a white man myself, so I’m racist unto myself? You obviously suffer from a lack of intelligence, possibly caused by inbreeding. I forgive you :)

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I have little doubt that this thread will soon be locked if the name calling keeps going.

It seems to me that the world is alreayd overpopulated. I don’t see any way that the world can sustainably support the number of people now living here. We have had a green revolution that has allowed us to greatly increase food production but this revolution depends on large amounts of cheap fossil fuels to power farm equipment, move water, feed and food long distances, and to produce fertilizer and pesticides to keep the whole thing going. Industrial farming floats on a sea of cheap oil. When oil becomes expensive and scarce things are going to get really bad for humanity.

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okay people took this all wrong.. I get what your saying.. Not “White People” Just people of the world today.. Like the natives lived in the land but did not disturb it’s natural order, or w/e..

Im going to say yea.. People of today are very much like cancer to the earth.. And yet no one even cares.. I myself don’t even care that much.. I know I should but I dont, I know I well when we totally distory this planet.. But I dont’ right now.. I mean at least I’m not wrapped up in socitiy and forgetting about the wonders of this world.. But I’m not trying to protect it or save it.. sigh Thats life, and thats people..

I’m going to add you as a friend.. you seem interesting..

Answer #7

My point is that the overwhelming majority of White humans don’t live in harmony with the earth, unlike many native people who survived for thousands of years without disrupting the natural cycle of things…they didn’t create the industrial revolution & the hunger for fossil fuels. Aboriginals understood nature, were nomadic and never outstayed their welcome…they understood that the earth is their mother & should be protected for a sustainable life/food source. But I’m glad we can almost agree on something.

Answer #8

That sounds a little racist of you. No, we are not cancer! Sometimes we make it good for the wildlife, you know??? Nothing is cancer on Earth.

Answer #9

Simple Math says we have about 20 years OIL Left.

95 percent of everything (on, in , of or around) you come from oil

Cancer is an analogy - but

to be clear Most of you have No idea!

Answer #10

You pessimistic racist jerk.

Answer #11

Are white humans like a cancer on the earth?


‘Are humans like a cancer on the earth?*

figuratively speaking… yes…

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