Who believes in the whole global warming thing?

Personally I think its all just a hoax. But I wanna know peoples opinions. tnx! :)

Answer #1

cool thanks you guys! I loved all the different opinions and how testy some pply got :P thanks again! :)

Answer #2

the point is that whether you believe or not, it is our responsibility to maintain our environment at all costs. and the fact is the earth is warming up, and dangerously so. many of our natural habits are dying or going haywire. I live in australia and our great barrier reef is dying. I dont care if we caused it or not but action needs to be taken to preserve our planet and everything on it.

Answer #3

Omg how can you not believe in global warming? There is evidence everywhere and hard scientific evidence? It shows how stupid you are if you don’t!

Answer #4

It’s a bit of both. We’ve just exacerbated or catalysed what is otherwise part of a natural trend. The world works on balance.

Answer #5

The majority of climate scientists believe that mankind is causing our planet to warm dangerously. The minority view that we are not appreciably contributing to global warming seems more credible because of the huge amount of support they receive from the fossil fuel industries to promote it.

The models used to predict climate change are extremely complex and are constantly being tweaked to consider more variables. It would not surprise me if in 50 years we realize that it isn’t as big a problem as we now think but it also would not surprise me if we discover it is an even bigger problem than we now fear.

Seems obvious either way that we should cut back on our use of fossil fuels.

Answer #6

Global warming is a real and serious issue. In addition to rising sea levels, it would also change where various species can live. A result of that would be many extinctions, as well as huge spreading of diseases. For example, mosquitos would be able to thrive much further north then they presently can, and as a result, disease like malaria will spred northward in Europe and the US.

Another issue with the increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere is that more of the CO2 will dissolve into the oceans causing ocean acidification. This will lead to countless marine species going extinct, especially those with calcified shell (clams, crustations, etc.) and the many species that rely on them for food. In turn this will have devastating affects on the human population, especially in areas where the ocean is a major source of food.

Answer #7

global warming is happening but scientists are making some of it up,the amount of 02 is abviously supirieur to the amount of C02 if it wasn’t we woudln’t be breathing would we.

Answer #8

Google Coconuts in Wyoming and get a laugh! Have you seen the latest on Climategate?

People have intentionally skewed numbers for temperature recording and have been caught trying to deceive us into thinking the earth is warming. NOT SO! We are having one of the coldest winters and our summer was cooler than last year’s.

The auto industry has been forced to make vehicles run cleaner, but at the cost of using MORE fuel as in the diesel pick-up market. They go through a regeneration mode to clean out the converters and use MORE fuel to do it. Mileage suffers. A 97 Cummins gets 21 mpg and a new one gets 17!

Answer #9

I believe in some of it. not the in my opinion DUMB myan the world will end in 2012 because for example they said it was gonna end in 6-6-06 its almost 2010!!! I do believe in global warming because the ozone layer has holes in it now and so the sun can get through faster and easier. wich means glaciers are meltimg penguins and polar bears are dying, polution is slowly but surely killing HUMANS, no more water means bye bye humans, only 3% of the water on this planet is fresh, 2% of the 3% is poluted and undrinkable. so what do YOU think about that? global warming is COMPLETELY REAL!!! thank you for your interest in our homes health!!!

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